Monday, 26 September 2016


Let's blog staff - 3A & 3B 

Hello there and welcome to our blog! We are the staff of LET'S BLOG! We are Italian students from two different classes of Liceo Scientifico, 3scA and 3scB. Our school is in Subiaco, not far from Rome, and its name is "IIS Braschi- Quarenghi". We are 16-17 years old and this is our school project for this year: to write a web magazine in English! Cool, isn't it? Our coordinator will be our English teacher, Mrs Maria Grazia Spila, but we will be the real protagonists of this corner of the blogosphere. Our staff is made up of 32 members who will work divided in small teams. We will write, speak, play and sing in English. We will share our interests, hobbies and passions with you. Of course, we hope you'll watch this space and appreciate our efforts. Are you ready? Let's blog, then!