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Hi everybody …how are you? Today I want to discuss with you Three Wizards Tournament. Are you a Harry Potter fan? You already know what I’m going to talk about and I’ll wait for your contributions in the comments. If you aren’t, stop here for a while, read on and you may become one soon!

So, the tournament! Every fifty years Hogwarts, Beauxbatones and Durmstrang celebrate the Three Wizard Tournament.

Beauxbatones and Durmstrang are two different wizardry schools; Beauxbatones is in France, Durmstrang, in Bulgaria, but the exact places where they are located are unknown .

Every fifty years the place where the tournament is held changes, each time it is one of the three wizardry schools, anyway.

If a student wants to sign up to take part in the tournament, he has to write his name on a piece of paper and put it into a goblet fire.

The goblet fire will choose the best students, one for each school.

The champion of Durmstrang is Victor Krum, the champion of Beauxbatones is Fleur Delacour and the champions of Hogwarts are Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter.

In that tournament there are three tasks to fulfil and they are always hard and wild. You can even die, so only the braver students put their names into the goblet fire.

In the first race the wizards must catch a goblet egg near a wild dragon, the one who makes it in less time win the task.

In the second task the wizard must find and “save” a friend under a lake. The magicians have only an hour to save their friends.

In the third task the wizards must find and catch the cup of the three wizards. The only problem is that the cup is hidden in a labyrinth full of dangerous creatures. The first who takes the cup wins.

The winner is given 1000 galleons and everlasting glory. The winner is Harry Potter, in the second position Victor Krum and in the third one Fleur Delacour.

And what about Cedric Diggory? Unfortunately and tragically, he died!

While trying to complete the second task the wizards use various techniques to breathe under water. Harry ate gillyweed to breath under water, Cedric like Fleur used a magic called bubblehead and Victor was transformed into a shark but Cedric’s spell didn’t work and he died.

I like the Harry Potter saga and his world very much. What about you?

Lorenzo M.

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