Tuesday, 6 February 2018


The new  year has just begun and we want to remember the most important facts happened in 2017.  
Let’s have a look of the most important events happened last year.

The Church of Norway – 1st January
Since 1st January 2017, after 500 years, the Church of Norway hasn’t been the official religion of the country, according to the constitutional amendment of May 21st, 2012 that designates the Church as “Norway’s people’s church”. On 27th May 2016, Stortinget recognized The Church of Norway as an independent legal entity.

Trump’s assignment – 20th January
 On January 20th, Trump officially came into the White House with her wife Melania Trump. The ceremony was one of the most expensive of the last years. It cost about 200 million dollars. Trump’s speech ended with his typical slogan “Make America Great Again” and he also made a post on Twitter…

 Queen Elisabeth’s Sapphire Jubilee – 6th February
Queen Elisabeth II has been the first monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee. That means her reign has lasted for more than 65 years (1952 – present). She’s 92 years old and the oldest Queen the United Kingdom has ever had. We could say she’s the Queen of the records.

Khan Shaykhun chemical attack – 4th April
A terrible tragedy took place in Khan Shaykhan on April 4th: a chemical attack. The toxic gas, which included sarin, killed about 73 people and hurt more than 550 people. Lots of countries attributed the attack to the Syrian President Boshar Al-Assad, who denied any accusation. On April 7th, the USA launched 59 missiles to the Shayrat Air Base, which was, according to the U.S. Intelligence’s investigations, the source of the attack.

 Turkish constitutional referendum – 16th April
On April 16th, in Turkey, there was a constitutional referendum brought forward by the former Prime Minister, and now President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The referendum passed with the 51% of yes and an 85% turnout. Thanks to its approval the Prime Minister’s office does not exist anymore and the government system is now a presidential one. From now on the Turkish Presidents can nominate the Ministers, dissolve the Parliament, declare a state of emergency and nominate 12 of 15 judges of the Constitutional Court.

This is only part one of 2017 most important events. Stay tuned for the second part. See you soon!

                                                                 Corrado & Eugenio

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