Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Summer can be the perfect occasion to improve your English! You have more free time and you can use some of it to practise and  improve your English.

These are our plans to improve our English this summer.

"During this summer I'd like to improve my English, but I can't travel abroad, so I'll do it some other way. For example, I'm going to read articles and posts online and to watch videos in English. I'd also like to read books in English. I've never done it but I want to try. "  (Jaco)

Saturday, 8 June 2019


Do you remember the Coachella festival? It was at the end of April and during that period many things happened. Among them, a row between two friends who are also two very popular make-up gurus. Was their quarrel real or staged? Read on and make up your mind. 

James Charles and Tati, a friend of his, had a terrible row during the Festival. James Charles is a popular 19-year-old make – up guru in the world, with more than 16 million YouTube followers. Tati is also a make-up guru, she runs a vitamin factory, hair vitamin for hair.

She decided to have a row with James for many reasons, as she explained in a 42- minute video posted on her YouTube channel. The main one is that James has never wanted to sponsor her hair vitamin and during the Coachella he sponsored other hair vitamins. So she felt disappointed and betrayed by her friend.

Monday, 3 June 2019


Imagine still living in a world where defending human lives puts your life at risk. We are still living in that world.

Today I’m going to tell you the story of Nasrin Sotoudeh.

Monday, 20 May 2019


Hello everyone! Here we are again. Today we’d like to talk about something we’ve all dreamt about at least once in our lives: becoming a famous footballer, model, dancer, a VIP. 
Differently from what the majority of people think, to be famous may not always be as easy as it seems. Let’s find out more about what being famous really means.

Monday, 13 May 2019


Hi guys!  I'm here again to talk about music with you. Many songs have already been released this year and I love many of them. Here's my top 6 so far. Ready? 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


Everyone happens to feel alone or powerless sometimes. In the last years, there’s been an increase of teenagers suffering from this state of mind and having consequentially repercussions on their lives.  There are several reasons why a teenager can feel “invisible”, one of them  is that we live in a society full of prejudices  and very competitive, where everyone is judged. 
Something we believe has been experienced by everyone at least once in their life, is the feeling of being invisible. If we could see all of our memories in front of us like on a movie, we're sure we’d all find that particular moment in which we felt like we were alone in the world, and it's not so fun at all. We could define this type of invisibility as 'harmless', because, sooner or later, we find a way out of it. However, there are some people who are not able to come out of it so easily, people who feel like this all their lives.
On the contrary to what is generally assumed, feeling invisible is a common experience, especially among teenagers, so among us. Actually, we feel that people do not think about this problem at all, and that's why we do not even realize it also affects the closest people we have.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Nature is clearly rebelling. Natural disasters and cataclysms have been more and more frequent and their brutality has increased in recent years. We ourselves have certainly had a taste of frightening scenarios  noticing either too hot weather or rather stormy winds which inevitably have been haunting our lives.

The only certainty we have is that this impressive upheaval is due to an enormous industrial activity on the planet. Our world is characterised by a frenzy to make more and more money: at the same time, mankind has been increasingly producing rubbish, which has the worrying feature of being indestructible. 

Therefore, everyone can draw a precise conclusion and recognize capitalism as the reason of today’s issues: the majority of well-to-do people owns more than what they really need.

Most of us have bumped into Greta Thunberg's protest surfing the Net or watching the news. She's  a 16-year-old environmental activist who, despite her tender age, decided to commit herself to this massive issue. As she said in a recent speech, "On climate change, we have to acknowledge that we have failed”, since we have never treated the climate crisis as a real crisis. Unfortunately, these troubles exist  and are endangering our lives. 
If the economic system is responsible for our dangerous reality, we ought to start using our wealth and our advancemments in science and technology in order to find strategies to preserve life on Earth.

Saturday, 6 April 2019


Everybody as a child dreams about their future jobs. For example,  I dreamed up about becoming a model, since I love fashion and its glamour,  but  Can everybody do ethis job? I’m not talking about being tall, slim and beautiful (which is not my case …sad story). I’m talking about discriminations!

In December  Victoria’s Secret, after her fashion show called ”the angels show”, was accused of racism because the brand announced that in their fashion shows they  only wanted “real and beautiful women”. That  means “NO TRANS AND NO CURVY MODELS”