Friday, 21 October 2016


Have you already watched “Me Before You” at cinema?  We have seen it and loved it!

It’s Louisa Clark’s story. She needs a new job and she goes to work for Will Traynor. He has become tetraplegic after a road accident.
It isn’t the classic romantic story with a “happy ending” and this makes it much more interesting. It isn’t only a romantic movie but it’s also a movie that entices you to love life and its value. You can find  this feature in the main character,  Louisa who, with Will’s help, starts finding out the beauty of life. Will is constantly encouraging Lou to try new activities and push the boundaries of her experiences.

These are the 10 best things in  this film for us:

1. Will Traynor’s style!!

Now tell us, how can you not love him? There are no words to describe him.

2. Lou’s style

We fell in love with her style!! She is always herself, no matter what! 

3. The shaving scene

Only two words: his dimples!!


4. Autumn-Winter collection: yellow bee tights

We want those tights! What about you?

5. “You are pretty much the only thing that makes me wanna get up in the morning”
Just watch this clip! There’s nothing else to be said.

6. Their first kiss! 

Everybody, also heartless people must be touched by this scene.

7. Good-bye Will...

We still aren’t psychologically ready to talk about this.

8. Will’s letter

This letter isn’t only his “good-bye” but it’s an invitation to live life fully.

9. The magical duo

This movie was exceptional thanks to Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin and their chemistry!

10. Music!

The soundtrack is perfect and makes the movie even more touching.

What about you? What are your favourite things in this film? Tell us in the comments. 

Chiara, Federica, Ludovica & Sofia


  1. I love this film and you did a great post girls! My favourite things in this movie are Will's letter and the yellow bee tights😍

    1. Thanks Karina😘
      I love Will's letter, too❤️

  2. In my opinion the book is better than the movie, anyway I really like this story! I love Will's letter, it is so touching and beautiful😍

    1. Hi Benedetta!😘
      I think the same thing, the book is always better than the movie!!

  3. It's such a touching story! I saw the movie and then read the book as well as its sequel (you can skio it, not really worth reading). Will and Lou are well written characters, they stay with you for long. My favourite scene is the saddest in the book and in the movie: when Will reveals Lou is decision is irreversible at the end of their beautiful holiday 😭😭😭😭😭 Yes, I know, I must sound crazy but I like very emotional scenes.
    Last but not least, brilliant job, girls!!!

    1. Thanks prof😘
      Yes it's a very emotional scene! I didn't stop crying while I read/ watched the movie😭😭

  4. I LOVE THIS FILM! I think it is the most beautiful film realised this year.
    My favourite thing of this movie is Will's letter. Your post is great and original! 💓

  5. Thanks Martina😘
    I agree with you!! This is the best romantic movie of this year for us❤️

  6. Sadness si everywhere this days, isn't it?
    O well, i must say something anyway so, gjwp

  7. Very good post...
    I read this book during this summer and some days ago i read the book i love it!