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Have you ever wondered why psychiatrists show strange ink pots to their patients? Or a better question is: how can they understand if that patient is a psycho just with this simple test?

Actually this very famous test often pictured in movies or tv series can say quite a lot about your personality and we are going to discover exactly how to use the Rorschach test.

First of all, let’s discover the origins of this test.

The Rorschach test was named this way after his creator Herman Rorschach and since its first appearance, it has been considered to be the most efficient way to completely analyze the personality and psychological problems of a person.

The idea came from a game that many kids in Switzerland, included Rorschach, played at that time. The game was called “Blotto” and it was about writing stories about what you saw in a randomly shaped ink pot often depicted on collectable cards.

Growing up Rorschach decided that he wanted to study psychology. He told his sister that he wanted to read people instead of books, so he got to attend lectures given by Carl Jung founder of analytical psychology.

Rorschach, while trying to find a new way to analyze people, realized that people with the same personality saw the same things in those pots and the same happened to people that suffered of schizophrenia. Thus he understood that the ink pots were the perfect way to understand what is in people’s mind without overthinking and so to analyze what may lie deeper in their minds, even revealing what they did not want to know.
Originally the test was composed of 40 pictures, then reduced to 15, only 10 of which were actually printed. Unfortunately,  he died a year later… who knows, maybe he would have further improved the test.

Let’s try this test!

We have 10 pictures, 5 of them are black and white, 2 of them are black and red and the last 3 are colored. It is very important that you see the pictures in a fixed order and you have 10 seconds to answer a simple question: ”what do you see?”

You can say more than one thing and you can also turn the picture so you can see it from  a different perspective.

That was easy,  right? The common answers are usually: bat, butterfly, female figure or moth. If you saw a female figure in the middle but something insulting came to your mind, it means you have self-esteem issues: she is the projection of yourself. If you see a mask or a face then you are a little paranoid.

The most common answer to this one is 2 females or clowns… the way you see this card tells about your relationships with others. If you don’t see human figures it means you have difficulty in relating to others, if they seem to fight then you may be violent, if they have their hands joined in peace it means you are calm and sweet. Other answers are butterfly or cave.

Like the previous one you may see two human figures, looking male for heterosexual or female to homosexual people. If you didn’t see the human figures it may be a sign that you are hesitant and you belong to the 25% of people that didn’t see 2 people.

Also known has the father card, this one reveals what you feel about your father or other authorities like the government or your boss. How you feel about the image shows how you feel about them, if you see an intimidating monster then you feel the same way with your father etc.

The common answers are butterfly and bat. If you see more things than card 4 or 6 you may have schizophrenia, another sign of it is seeing moving people in here and if you feel like there are two crocodile heads on the wink ends then you tend to be hostile to others.

This picture determines your sexual preferences. If you turned it on the side and saw a boat it means you tend to have a dominant sexual role, the same if turning it upside down reveals a man, those who saw a rug or something similar find it hard to stay alone. Other answers are theatrical mask, goat skull or an animal hide.

This is the mother card, it says what you feel about your mother figure. If you see two female figures arguing, gossiping or even 2 witches it means your relationship with your mother must not be positive. If you see a thunder cloud it may be a sign of anxiety. If you see an oil lamp in the center it may be a sign of schizophrenia.

Hey look at all those colors! Did you see an animal? It’s important that you see at least one four legged animal otherwise you may be mentally defective, if it took a while to see it, it means it’s hard for you to process information.

It’s actually hard to see anything in this picture so don’t worry the fewer things you see the better. If you see a mushroom cloud in the center it means you are paranoid; if you see two fighting men it means you are probably socially undeveloped.

The most colorful of them all! This card should make you see many things. It’s usually sea life or other animals, flowers or even fried eggs. If you see most of those things it means you are satisfied with your life, if you felt uncomfortable looking at this card it means something in your life is driving you crazy.

So how did it go? Let me know in the comments below. Till next time, bye!


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