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Hi there! Today I'm gonna talk about music and I'd like to share with you my top - 5 bands. I’m sure you have already listened to a lot of their songs because they're so popular!
But to be honest,  I really like talking about  music as well as listening to it, that’s why I could talk about it for hours and hours. However,  I swear I'll be brief! So… keep reading, please!  


This is absolutely my favorite band of all time. I went to their gig last summer in Verona. It was an amazing experience! I really hope they'll come to Italy in 2018 even if Italy is absent in their EVOLVE TOUR so far!

Imagine Dragons are an American band composed by 4 members:

Dan Reynolds  is the lead vocalist , Wayne Sermon the lead guitarist , Daniel Platzman the drummer and Ben McKee is on the bass guitar and keyboard.

I’m sure you have listened to some of their songs more than once. If you haven’t,  you should do it NOW!

They have published three albums: Night Visions (2012), Smoke + Mirrors (2014) and the latest one, Evolve,  which was released in June.
Obviously,  I love all their songs but if I should pick up a list of best favourites,  I'll surely choose these songs : RadioactiveWalking the wireI bet my lifeIt's timeand Roots


One Republic, like Imagine Dragons, are American. Their 5 members are Ryan Tedder  , lead vocalist, Zach  Filkins and Drew Brown, guitarists, Brent Kutzle , bass guitar and cello,  Eddie Fisher  is the drummer.

One Republic have released four albums over the years. A few months ago, Ryan Tedder  announced that from that time the band would no longer publish an album but only songs.
Surely you are familiar with a lot of their hits. I bet you remember Counting stars  , Apologize or  Let's hurt tonight - which is  the soundtrack  of the movie Collateral Beauty.
You should know that Ryan Tedder is also a songwriter. He wrote songs for Beyoncè, U2, Jennifer Lopez and other famous singers!
While I'm writing this article they' re on tour and if  you're interested they 'll come to Europe, I hope in Italy too, in 2018  for their Honda Civic Tour.


The Script are an Irish pop-rock band formed in 2001 by 3 members. Danny O'Donoghue , lead vocalist , Mark Sheehan, guitarist and Glen Power, the drummer.  Actually they became popular in 2008 with the first album called '' THE SCRIPT '' which includes a lot of their most famous songs like The man who can't be moved, Breakeven or We cry.
From Ireland this band has become famous all over the world and they have published five albums so far, the last one was released on 1st September and it's titled FREEDOM CHILD.
They'll come to Italy next March but, unfortunately, they won't come to Rome and, maybe,  I won’t be able to go to their gig!


I'm sure you know much about this band. Coldplay are so popular all around the world and  you may have heard of its 4 members: Chris Martin, lead vocalist and the keyboards , Jonny Buckland, lead guitarists, Guy Berryman, on the bass and Will Champion, the drummer. The band was formed by Chris and  Jonny in 1996 and it was called Pectoralz, two years later they  changed their name!
Coldplay have published 12 albums since 1998 including so many of their hits, such as Fix youThe scientist, Paradise  and  A sky full of stars.
As I was saying this band has got a lot of fans all around the world and one of them is Barack Obama! He admitted he loves listening to their songs.

 5.    U2

They're Irish like The Script and the 4 members are also extremely popular:   Bono  Vox with his unique voice,  The Edge  on the guitar and  keyboars, Adam Clayton  is their bassist and Larry Mullen Jr.the drummer .
They are one of the hardest working band ever. They formed on 25 September 1976 – yes, quite a few years ago!
You should know that Bono's birth name is Paul, but a group of friends called him '' Bono Vox '' which means good voice and so this is the reason why he decided to use Bono as his stage name!
During their long career they have published 14 albums. The last two are Songs of inncoence and Songs of Experience. The titles of these two albums were inspired to William Blake 's collections of poems,  which have the same titles.
If I had to suggest you some of their songs , surely I'll choose Sweetest thing,which is my favorite, Song for someone and Ordinary love.

Now, this is my top 5 bands. What about yours? Will it include any of my best favourites? Will it be very different? I’m curious to hear from you. I hope you’ll join  our discussion in the comments.



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  1. Coldplay is my favouriye band. I love "A sky full of stars" and " Hymn for the weekend". Actually many of their songs are really beautiful.