Monday, 13 November 2017


Has technology ruined our lives? Should we consider it progression or regression ? We watched two videos in our English lessons, we discussed them together and we also wrote our reflections on the issues they deal with.  
In the first video Simon Sinek tells us about Millenials, people born approximately 1984 and after.  He tells how the Millenials are rarely truly happy or satisfied and that they are accused of being entitled, unfocused, lazy and narcissistic. But he also explains that it is not their fault, there are  several different reasons and one of them is their excessive use of technological devices and social media.

In the second video  Gary Turk acts his poem “Look up”, in which he explains how technology makes us miss a lot of important chances and isolates us.  

Here is what Federica and Luca wrote after watching the two videos. 


Technology is a fondamental part of our lives by now. It’s just like we can’t live without it. But is it good? Actually it has its advantages and disadvantages, like everything else. While on the one hand technology takes a turn for the better, for example, in the medical field, improving our lives, smartphones, tablets, conputers are ruining our social relationships. Although it seems we are closer, actually we have never been so distant.

In my opinion social media are destroying the world. People are too busy to take care of the others’, they are losing sight of what is really important. Social media are the symbol of a superficial world, where appearing matters more than being. What’s the point of following people on Facebook, If I don’t even say hello to them in the real life? It’s a fake world because a person is judged according to hoe many “followers” he/she has. Sometimes social media are a sort of mask. A person’s life is wonderful if others consider it so.

One of the most worrying thing is that today children use modile phones since they are very young. A child could dream, have fun with friends, inagine or play outdoor and be happy. Children who use smartphones are losing their childhood and the contact with reality.

In conclusion, if we don’t rediscover trues values, so love, family, friends, we will never be really happy
I want a world where people take care of people. Where people have the courage to have a controntation with their fellow beings.

Because it’s better to have four friends who will be always there for you rather than one hundred virtual ones you can’t count on.


These two videos face a really important issue in our society. This problem is caused by parenting, impatience, environment and especially technology, which make people feel never happy and satisfied.

These videos describes the society we live in and its people’ s problems, so these clips should have a great influence on you, incite you to change your bad habits and make you focus on really important things in life.

They really made me reflect on what is effectively important in our lives, so I noticed I was wrong and that can improve. These clips make us understand we live in an ill society where many things are wrong.

One of the most important is how parents educate their children. They should educate them to work hard, to accept failures and work on improvement. But they usually don’ t do that, so they give their children whatever they want, even if they don ‘ t deserve it and immediately.

So for the fact that they don ‘ t work hard and are impatient, they easily give up in friendship, love and job.

Another problem is that society doesn’ t  take care of these people nor tries to find a solution.

Young people are never happy nor satisfied but nobody cares. The worst issue is the use of technology that is a good thing, but people abuse it becoming addicted. They only get happy checking their media “ that we call social, but  are anything”.

So this world is becoming a world of “ self interest, self image and self promotion”.

We have to stop missing chances because we looking down to our phones because nothing is worse than regret.

We mustn’t waste our lives, but we must go out into the world and leave distractions behind


  1. Now, this is a very interesting and informative post, guys. Thanks to Francesca (who wrote the introduction) and to Federica and Luca for their contributions. We'd love to hear from you all on this topic here in the comment section.

  2. You're absolutely right... we should learn to manage our technologies better. Well done!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Corrado. Looking forward to reading your next post.

  3. I'm happy you agree with us, CorradošŸ˜€

  4. Thanks guys for this interesting post! Yes,technology is very important and it has changed our life but it has also ruined us. It has created addiction,and,today,we can’t stay without our mobile phones or laptops!

    1. That's why we should treasure Simon Sinek's advice. What about starting doing what he and his friends do when they go out together? Thanks for your comment!

    2. Yes,of course! We should do what Simon Sinek suggests!