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Hi there! You know, I love watching movies, but maybe you don’t know that first of all I love watching tv series. What about you?
Today’s post includes some recommendations, my top 5 favourite TV series. So, if you haven’t seen them yet, they may help you fill in some of your spare time.


I could talk about Sherlock Holmes for hours and hours 'cause it's my best favourite tv series ever, but trust me, I'll be brief.
Sherlock is a modern version of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books, created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis.
The story is set in 21st century London. It all starts with John Watson (Martin Freeman), an army doctor invalidated during a battle in Afghanistan, obliged to come back to London where he's looking for a place to stay. And guess what? He's supposed to share a flat at 221B Baker Street with Sherlock Holmes ( Benedict Cumberbatch ), an eccentric, extravagant but at the same time smart and brilliant private detective.
They' ll become friends, colleagues and much more. Together they'll help the police solve several crimes, murders and mysteries but mainly they'll try to defeat madman Moriarty.
If you want to discover who Moriarty is you must watch the tv series as soon as you can!


I've finished watching this tv series yesterday and it was stunning, so obviously I must recommend it to you. I’m serious, you can’t miss it.
It's a spanish heist, crime and thriller tv series created by Alex Pina.
As you can imagine the entire tv series is based on the heist created by a mysterious man, also known as The Professor. He enlists eight particular robbers to enter the ROYAL MINT OF SPAIN and print €2,400 million in eleven days.
If you want to know how the matter develops, if the police arrest the eight robbers and if the police understands who The Professor is, you must watch this phenomenal tv series.


I'd define this tv series as a masterpiece and if you haven't seen it yet, you
've got to do it.
Sense8 is a science fiction drama tv series set in several parts of the world, more specifically in eight different cities.
It tells the story of eight strangers (actually not really strangers, as you could imagine): Will, Riley, Nomi, Sun, Kala, Wolfgang, Lito and Capheus.
They belong to different cultures, have different jobs and live different lives but, one day, they are suddenly mentally connected.
They'll need each other to survive 'cause they're all in danger.


Black Mirror is a British science fiction, dystopian, satire tv series created by Charlie Brooker.
Each episode of this tv series is a stand alone piece, not connected with the following or previous episode. You can see and consider every episode as a short movie.
Basically the entire tv series represent our contemporary society and more specifically the dangers created by technology.
When you start watching this tv series, you just realize it is great food for thought. I'm sure that some episodes will be thought-provoking  and most probably you won't like some of the episodes. They can be rather disturbing.

THE 100

It's a post-apocalyptic science fiction drama tv series. After the Earth was destroyed by a nuclear war, all the survivors created a giant space station called the '' ark '' . After 97 years living in the '' ark '',  the council decides to send 100 young prisoners down to Earth to see if it's habitable.
Once the 100 get back to Earth, they understands they aren’t alone since there are other human beings and also mutated animals around them. So their stay on Earth won't be so easy and quiet as the 100 young prisoners thought!

Well, these are the tv series that I feel like honestly suggesting to you! Let me know if you have already seen these tv series and what’s your opinion on them. It will be a pleasure for me to know what your favourite tv series are. Any good suggestions?


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