Wednesday, 2 November 2016


The new US President is going to be elected  in a few days.  In this post we are going to list the most outrageous statements of one of the two candidates: Mr Donald Trump.    
    “Mexicans are bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists”

                           “If teachers were armed, there would be no massacres in schools”


            “If Hilary Clinton can't satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”


                          “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that
                                       I’m more honest  and my women are more beautiful.”


“It’s freezing and snowing in New York, we need global warming!”

American citizens will vote on November 8th to elect their new President. This is a very important choice, not only for them but for the entire world. Good luck to all of us! Fingers crossed!!!

Alex P. & Denis


  1. Hilarious! Well done, Alex and Denis. As you said, "Fingers crossed"!

  2. The funniest thing is that there are probably dozens of this quotes.
    Great my friends, can you make the next one longer? I'd love it 😂

  3. I really like the "Gioconda" version Hilary Clinton😂😂 As you said, "fingers crossed"! American's choice is very important😣 Well done Alex and Denis! I hope to read your next post soon😁

  4. I was sure I had already commented this post, but, apparently, I'm late to the party! Well done boys, I like your satirical post very much.