Friday, 18 November 2016


The story in Federica's handwriting + cute kitty
Once upon a time there was a boy called Oberon. He lived in a big Guild with other children. One day he decided to go out for a walk. He loved walking because, when he walked, he thought about his father, who had disappeared as if by magic. 
Oberon loved remembering the moments with him. 

While he was going towards the oak wood, he saw a big egg near a tree. He thought the egg was a dragon egg, but given that dragon eggs were very rare in the wizarding world too, he believed that was impossible. Oberon was a wizard but not an expert one.  

So he took the egg and brought it to his Guild. Oberon called a girl, one of his friends,  Titania. She was so intelligent, Oberon believed she might know how to look after that egg. 

Titania told Oberon that the egg needed a warm place but they couldn’t keep it in the Guild because the master wouldn't allow that. In fact according to the rules the children weren't allowed to have a pet nor in this specific instance  a pet egg. 

They settled it in a small cavern in the wood on a bed of leaves. They lay down on the ground near the egg,  keeping it wrapped  in their arms in a warm loving embrace. Would it work? Would it be enough to make it open?

-We look like a family,  Titania said.
-F-family?- Oberon blushed.
-Oh yes, Titania said enthusiastically,  I’m the mom and you are the father! When we are adult we might become a real family.. OK OK ... just ignore me…- she blushed too and they fell asleep.

When they woke up there was an amazing sunset. They took the egg and while they were going back home, they heard a noise coming from the egg and looking at it, they noticed a crack on its surface.They ran towards the house but when they arrived, they saw that a group of children were quarrelling. 
They stop seeing them arrive and ran toward Oberon and Titania: they wanted  to see what they  kept so jealously in their hands. Right in that moment the egg opened and in a chorus of "ahhh" and "ohhhh" all the kids realized it wasn’t a dragon but a little cat! It was cute and  of a lovely blue colour with a pair of wings. The cat was so pretty that the children forgot they were angry and quarelling a few minutes before. 

-This is a happiness cat! Its name will be Happy, someone suggested.

In the Guild there was a boy called Rid who loved drawing. He was very good and he immortalized that moment, of course. But he drew a dragon instead of a cat.



  1. Wow 😍
    Good job,Federica!

  2. A very nice story Federica!😍 I love the way they have taken care about the little cat,it's adorable!

  3. Fairy tale... 😐
    Well I guess nobody else knows so it's fine, I guess? Taking inspiration from other people's stories is not bad after all and you still have wrote a good story so, well done 😊

  4. Lovely story, Federica 😊 And cute little kitty. ❤

  5. Nice story,you have a lot of imagination πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜˜

  6. If you can write a story in English, Federica, you must be very good at it! What happens next? Are you going to write a sequel?

  7. Nice story!
    Why don't you write a collection of stories?
    I'm looking forward to reading the second tale!

  8. Federica I want the sequel😍