Saturday, 30 December 2017


Have you ever met an actress? Well, we did it! On 14th October 2017 Benny, Maria Adele and I met Anita Tenerelli, who is an actress.


Anita is an Italian girl born in 1978 in Italy, more precisely in Bari. Since she was very young she has liked acting very much, but she wasn't sure she wanted to do it as a profession. Actually, she chose and studied economics, but then she realized that her destiny was to be an actress. She chose this path and, most of all, she believed in herself and now she works both in the theatre and in movies.  wonder She speaks English fluently because she grew up and went to school in the USA. Her mother is American and her father is Italian. So she's perfectly bilingual. 


As for television Anita took part in the TV series "Amore Criminale" and then she became the female protagonist in the TV Series "Saint Catherine of Siena".
She also played in the movies "Mr Teddy" in 2012,  "Love Child" in 2016 as Susan,  and in the horror movie "The Carillon" in 2017.
As I mentioned before,  she has also acted in theatres and in musicals because she is good at singing too, she is an alto. She played in the musical "Fame", where she was the protagonist and in "Welcome to Berlin" as Kost.

Here's a video of our meeting with Anita. Not the best audio, unfortunately, but we wanted to show you the lovely, friendly atmosphere Anita managed to create...


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