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Are you a Christmas lover and you like watching movies? You can’t miss our post then. Here are the best Christmas movies in out top 5 list.

     1.     ELF

The protagonist is a curious child,  Buddy, who lives in an orphanage. On Christmas Eve he sleeps in Santa’s sack. Santa is returning to the North Pole and doesn’t realize he has  a sleeping child in his sack .
Bearded Santa Claus becomes sort of an adoptive father for the child, but it’s clear that Buddy can’t live in the elves’ world...
This film is really touching and it’s a classic family movie.


-  Buddy aka Bigfoot. In a scene  where Buddy is walking into the woods, he is very similar to the famous Bigfoot 

- In 2007 was created a musical inspired to Elf, called “Elf – The musical” with Mark Jacoby

- In 1993 adaptation the actor playing  Buddy was Jim Carrey       


Scott Alvin, aka Santa Claus, is busy in the preparations for the gift distribution. But this year everything seems to go wrong...
Carol, Santa Claus’s wife, is  pregnant and Jack Frost plots against him . So the real Santa Claus finds himself trapped in an alternative future. However, at the end of the movie Santa stops Jack Frost, allowing time to resume its course.
The feeling that the film leaves the viewers is that of absolute goodness.


- The film was shot in Canada and in the USA

-  It’s the third film of a trilogy

- In the first film Santa was played by John Pasquin while in the second and in  the third  by Michael Lembeck.


The Frost family is very close, despite Jack’s job which leads him away from home even for long periods: Jack is a musician and with his band he is busy on tour, at the end of which he finds   the most important affections for him that are his wife Gabby and his son Charlie. But one day a tragedy will put an end to his career: on the return from a show, Jack has a car accident and dies. Charlie, who is now 12, builds a puppet with whom, shortly after, he starts talking. The puppet answers with Jack’s voice .
It’s a very emotional movie!


- Jack Frost isn’t an invention of director Miller,  it’s a  popular character of the English folklore

The character of Gabby is played by John Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston.


"A Christmas Carol" is one of the most beautiful Christmas movies. Ebenezer Scrooge, a wealthy and greedy old man, hates Christmas. According to Scrooge, Christmas is just a waste of money and time. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge notices someone: the ghost of his business partner, Jacob Marley, who died seven years before. Scrooge is upset by this vision, and he doesn’t know yet that the night between 24th December and Christmas Day will change him forever.


"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens has inspired not only many movies but also comics, cartoons and theatrical works since the original text was adapted for a comedy. It is a fantasy story divided into 5 parts which contains criticism against capitalism and its selfish values. Dickens indeed criticizes the society of his time, stingy and interested in making money, regardless child labour and the living conditions of the poorest.


A town of merry Christmas-lovers called the Whos goes about their annual holiday preparations. Up in the caves north of their town, lives a character named the Grinch who absolutely hates Christmas. The Grinch sets about trying to ruin Christmas for the Whos. He sneaks into all of their houses and steals their Christmas decorations, meals, and gifts. Finally, the Grinch feels a twinge of remorse so he brings back all the things that he stole.


·           In 1957   "The Grinch"  by Dr. Seuss is adapted for the screen for the first time.
 Since then the creature has been considered, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, a traditional Christmas character;
·           The actor was so taken by the story that he finished the recording in a single day;
·         The Grinch costume is made of yak hair, also known as Tibetan ox, which were subsequently dyed green and sewn one by one.

                        We hope you liked our post!     What are your favourite Christmas movies?
Let us know in the comments!

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