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Teenagers usually don’t like reading the newspaper - or reading in general -  but if you want to enrich your vocabulary reading is very useful. We tried this activity in pairs during one of our recent lessons: our teacher brought real English newspapers and we leafed through the pages in search of interesting news or curiosities. Our task was writing down a summary of the article giving the reasons why we had chosen it . It was quite useful and here are the results of our work in pairs.


We have chosen this article because we saw the happy face of the man in the picture: Niki Chesworth. Moreover we wanted to know the reason of his happiness: his job?  
He is a probation officer but initially he didn’t know what to do . He only knew he liked working with people. He tried to be a teacher and he also considered becoming a police officer. This happened before seeing the application for the probation service .
He has been doing this job for 11 years and he is now really glad because he has helped many people in their personal lives and in communities to reduce the risk of re-offending .
Although it may be a dangerous job, he would never change it . It consists also in working with victims of violent or sexual crimes . So you need to be resilient, tough.This job makes you learn as much as the victims learn from you .So this is more than a job, it’s a meaningful career .

Karina & Maria Adele

As we know, since 2015 Tunisian tourism has been decreasing because of two terrorist outrages, at the BORDO NATURAL MUSEUM in Tunisi and on the beach of SOUSSE. These two events made holidaymakers flee elsewhere. 
The reporter decided to go to Tunisia to discover the most hidden places in the country, learning that his Northern African Nation offers a wide range of Roman Masterpieces.On the way back home, he visited the Berdo Museum, where he interviewed Chaouki ; the guide perfectly6 remembers the horrific moments of the 2015 attack since he was in the museum, but he is glad to be there.
After bumping into these pictures we were attracted by these wonderful landscapes. If we must be honest at first we thought they were Italian sites, but only after reading the title we couldn’t believe they were in Tunisia!
It’s incredible that a terrorist attack can ruin the economy of a country. Tunisia in based on tourism : the people regret the time when beaches were full of tourists. The circumstances had individuals found a second face of Tunisia. Unfortunately, the path to the achievement of the previous conditions is still difficult, but it’s reachable at least.
Eugenio & Matteo


We chose this article because we have heard about Bitcoin on the news and we wanted to know more about it.
Bitcoin is a type of crypto currency that has increased its value tenfold over the past three years.
Bitcoin was created in 2008 and it has changed online service because many people have started using it as a real coin. But, actually, Bitcoin is a virtual coin.
Its value can change every day also because crypto currency is not checked by central banks and states.
What causes the price to move is the public confidence in how valuable Bitcoin is.
In our opinion is going to be used more and more to buy everything but it will cause a decrease of its value. We also thing that it is not so useful since its value changes so often and so easily.

Alessandro S. & Alex T


Leafing through a British newspaper we read an article about birds. We are animal lovers so we were interested in talking about it in our blog.
After a lot of researches biologists have revealed that New Caledonian Crows are the craftiest of Crows. This kind of birds uses adapted twigs to wrinkle beetle grubs and other small preys out of their hiding places. Having this ability they can get food quickly so they have more time and energy for reproduction and steering clear of predators. A team of scientists conducted an experiment to record how long the crows, which were caught and then returned to the wild, took to extract food, using either hooked or non-hooked tools.
Thanks to the experiment, they found out that hooked tools were between 2 and 10 times more efficient. 
Reading this article we can understand that not only dogs or cats are very clever but also animals like birds, which can have a lots of special abilities. Unfortunately what remains unknown i show the crows acquire their tool-making skills. They could be inherited or developed from watching other birds. It’s a mystery.

GB, Alessandro M. & Andrea


We chose this articles because we are interested in natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights and the blue lagoon. These two phenomena takes place in Iceland.
The phenomenon of the Northern Lights is caused by solar particles erupting from the sun’s surface and colliding with gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. We can see the birth of the Aurora, especially in September and April.
The magical blue lagoon is full of cloudy, white water with a temperature of 37 degrees. In this place you can have an in-water massage or enjoy a drink at a submerged bar.
In Iceland food is also very important,  so Iceland is very much part of the Nordic Cuisine revolution that embraces traditional foods served in new and exciting ways. You can taste good food in trendy city restaurants, such as Makarel, Surir and Black Death.
Iceland’s fauna is full of wonderful animals as whales, dolphins and sea birds. Furthermore, the landscape is surrounded by majestic mountains and historic finishing villages around the coast. Iceland is a magic place full of extraordinary attractions to see. What about visiting Iceland while on holiday? 

Sofia & Giada

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