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Hi world! I’m Simone and today I’ll be talking about 10 DC and Marvel comic book copycats. Before we start I want to say that I’m going to talk about the copycats of the most famous superheroes,  leaving the less famous and silly ones. (The original character is also the first I write after the number)

1. Deathstroke (DC) and Deadpool (Marvel)

Alright, then. We all know Deadpool now that his first personal movie has been realized, but not many know that Deadpool is actually a parody of DC antihero Deathstroke.
The two have a lot of similarities, first of all they are both antiheroes which means that they can be both good, bad or even neutral depending on the situation. They have very similar fight styles and they have similar weapons. Deadpool has two pistols and swords and Deathstroke has one long sword and lots of different weapons depending on the drawer. Their costumes look very similar and both have the ability to regenerate fast even after mortal wounds. They also have similar names, Deadpool’s real name is Wade Wilson and Deathstroke’s is Slade Wilson, this is another proof of the parody nature of Deadpool,  which is a really funny character, while Deathstroke is a very serious and dangerous character.

2 The Flash (DC) and Quicksilver (Marvel)

These two characters aren’t really very similar in personality, but they are both one of the best runners in the respective universes. I decided to mention them for their popularity, in fact they are both best known for their TV and cinematic appearances: the Flash has his own TV series (and soon he will also appear in the Justice League movie) and Quicksilver has appeared  not in one but three movies (X-Men: days of future past/Apocalypse and Avengers: age of Ultron). Personally I prefer the Flash, not only because he was the original one but also because I believe that he is much more charismatic than Quicksilver (and now that I think about it,  Quicksilver sounds more like a product placement :P)

3. Brainiac (DC) and Ultron (Marvel)

Brainiac and Ultron are respectively enemies of Superman and the Avengers. Now even if the idea of Ultron has been taken by this DC evil robot,  the copy is actually better than the original, in fact the adamantium robot created by Marvel is one of the most dangerous being in that universe for his famous ability of upgrading itself every time he gets beaten.
The evil mind Brainiac on the other hand is not really dangerous if we compare him to Ultron, but you also have to comprehend that he has to fight Superman, the virtually unbeatable hero of the DC universe, so his work isn’t very easy but he is still very powerful when he acts unseen.

4. The Ghost rider (Marvel) and Atomic Skull (DC)

These characters aren’t exactly similar in personality but they are really very  similar in their looks. The Ghost raider was first in publication and he is one of the darkest character of the Marvel universe, in fact he is linked to the Devil and his objective is to kill every impure humans and other demons when asked by his infernal owner. Atomic Skull, instead,  was a scientist which had the ability of using his brain energy,  has a weapon thanks to a special device attached to his head. Now you can see that they don’t seem very similar, but… just look at them!

5. Darkseid (DC) and Thanos (Marvel)

Now these two are really powerful characters, in fact they are both archenemies in the respective universes. Darkseid is a space warlord which also happens to be very similar to an effective god (the same goes to Thanos) his main objective is conquering the universe,  instead Thanos just wants to kill every form of life in the universe. They also have a very similar design,  which makes the two just looks like the same, the main difference is probably their abilities, that is something you don’t see more then their actual look.
Though they have one minor difference, Thanos is more like a crazy and violent type and Darkseid is more like a cold-hearted mastermind of evil.  Long story short,  they are the villanous bosses of their respective universes.

6. Green arrow (DC) and Hawkeye (Marvel)

These two characters are the first characters in my list that don’ t have actual superpowers and that itself is already a similarity. They are both archers and they rely on their shooting skills and their advanced types of arrows in order to fight among super heroes and gods. They both are members of their respective group of heroes (Avengers and Justice League) both have different secret identities: Green Arrow’s true identity is Oliver Queen,  a millionaire playboy (similar to Bruce Wayne aka Batman) and Hawkeye’s is Clinton Francis Barton, who was a member of the Coney Island circus before getting inspired by Iron Man to become a hero.
They are relatively famous now that Green Arrow has is own TV series and Hawkeye appeared in cameos inside different movies and as an actual protagonist in the two Avengers movies.

7. Nova corps (Marvel) and Green Lanterns (DC)

Here we can see the first groups of superheroes on my list, Nova corps and Green Lanterns have almost the same objectives and rules in their universes.
The Nova Corps is a squad of different heroes coming from different planets that have the specific role of defenders of Xander (fictional planet) and we can easily consider them as a space police, the same goes for the Lanterns but they defend the whole universe.
All of them take theirs powers from a primary power cell (for example Nova Corps take their energy from a super computer on Xander), these energies give them the same kind of powers and can change depending on the member of the group.
Even if the Green Lanterns seemed to be the original for, you guess it, originality and complexity, but the Nova corps were the first to come out.

8. Dr Fate (DC) and Dr Strange (Marvel)

Other than the name, these two character are very similar for being two of the most powerful and sage heroes of their universes.
They are two mages, when magic means manipulation of matter and reality that makes them almost omnipotent, but they are both aware of that and in fact they don’t often use their potentials.
The main difference can easily be that Fate has been impersonated by many people during the course of time but Strange is just one crazy powerful mage and, to be frank, it’s obvious that Fate is the most cold-hearted and serious of the two.
They are definitely two interesting characters and even if Fate was the original I like both of them.

9. Robin (DC) and Bucky Barnes (Marvel)

These two are the most famous side kicks in both DC and Marvel comics, respectively they are the side kicks of Batman and Captain America.
They came out at one year’s distance   (1940-1941) and they both turned on the dark side after their actual and apparent death turning into two antiheroes,  Red Hood and the Winter Soldier.
They not only have the similarity of having their heroes to teach them how to fight but they both also use weapons and kill without scruples, after turning to the dark side, despite being told not to by their masters.
Now, don’t you think that good characters are just cooler when they turn evil?   

10. Superman (DC) and Sentry (Marvel)

It was inevitable, Superman is so iconic that is very hard thinking of very different designs or powers for other heroes and there are many examples of that both in DC and Marvel comics.
One of the most known it’s the similarity between the Man of Steel and Sentry, a Marvel superhero,  that literally has the same power that the Man of Steel has.
For example,  he can fly, he has superhuman strength, speed and reflexes and can use energy as a weapon (like Superman when he shoots laser  rays from his eyes).
They are both virtually the strongest superheroes of their universes, but in the case of Sentry is just because he has the power to decide when he can be defeated or not.

And if it wasn’t enough they both also have an S on their costumes… (Who thought that this was a good idea -.-?)



  1. I'm really sorry that the post is done...!
    I really really liked it , it was a pleasure to read those words ,seriously!! Everybody can see that you liked to write it and this is the most importantant thing. Really well done Simone!

    1. Awww, shut up
      Yeah, of course I liked writing this post, I always find plesure in something I'm interested in, ty 🙂

  2. Very beautiful post. I like it!
    I love Flash 😍

    1. Who could hate flash? He's just so good of a character in term of personality

  3. I've always liked Peter Parker, I mean Spiderman, but I can't see him in your list. Does that mean he has no copycat around? I've recently seen Deadpool on TV, and parody or not, I found the movie really entertaining and different from the typical superhero movies. Thanks for a great post, Simone! Keep up with the great job! :-)

    1. Actually there may be some copycats of Spider-Man but the copies aren't really popular and in some cases they aren't really that much similar.
      Of course deadpool is different! He is crazy and doesn't care about anything, and he can break the fourth wall, something typically not common in superheros comics

  4. I've always watched Marvel and DC movies and tv series: Arrow, The flash, Dr.Strange and much more. I love them❤
    Oliver Queen🔝😍

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  5. Great post Simone! I love these characters,especieally Dr. Strange and Spiderman😍 Thanks to your post I've known other great superheroes!

  6. I love the Marvel's characters...i saw all their films
    I love especially IRON MAN <3 <3 <3

  7. I know some of them but I start thinking I'm ignorant.
    Guys I don't know almost anyone.
    The only heroes I know are the old ones.
    Thank you,Simone to make me more acculturated

  8. Good post! I knew only the characters Superman and Deadpool , because I saw their movies.

  9. Amazing! Some of them are very strange. My favourite superhero is Deadpool but I didn't know it was a parody of Deathstroke. In any case Marvel is better than DC in my opinion!

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  11. Wow, this is an amazing post! I've always loved watching DC and Marvel's movies.😍 I can see that you really liked writing this so it was a pleasure reading your post Simone😊

  12. Beautiful post!!I love superheroes and I have watched lots of movies and TV series about them!!I love Deathstrocke😍😍 and I think he is fantastic!!Green Arrow and Deadpool 🔝🔝

  13. Beautiful post!!I love superheroes and I have watched lots of movies and TV series about them!!I love Deathstrocke😍😍 and I think he is fantastic!!Green Arrow and Deadpool 🔝🔝