Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Hi guys!! Today I am going to tell you about a great tennis player: Rafael Nadal. Federer triumphed at the Australian open final against him but I'd like to talk about Nadal because even the losers are worthy of glory.
Rafael Nadal was born in Spain in 1986 and he has played tennis since he was a child. He won a lot of important titles in his career.
When he was 12 years old, he won two important titles. At 17 Nadal became the youngest male to reach the third round at Wimbledon since Boris Becker. Later he won 14 titles of the Grand Slam! He is an emblem of tennis.

And now a video to show his best skills and his talent

I love him , what about you? Do you like tennis and can you play it? What is your favorite tennis player?
One of the most famous rivals of Nadal is Roger Federer. Many people consider their rivalry the greatest rivalry in tennis history. They have been met 35 times...and recently the 2017 Australian open final, has been won by Federer.
Number 1: Rafael Nadal is a very fearful man, in fact, when he was at home, he was always with his parents.
Number 2: When Nadal was a child, he thought his uncle Toni was superman.
Number 3: He doesn't like ham, tomatoes and cheese.
Number 4: When he wins a trophy, he bites it, always!!
Number 5: In his opinion, he isn't an obsessive man.
                                                                                  Alessandro M.



  1. Hi Alessandro! I can play tennis and Nadal is my favourite tennis player.
    Last Sunday I watched the final: what a match!

  2. Very interesting post!Nadal is my favourite player,but now he isn't at the top of physical condition.

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  4. I don't even care about any sport, I don't find them interesting to watch.
    But, well, I kinda enjoy to see what sport can mean to others

  5. Good job Ale!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
    Very interesting post. I like Nadal.
    He is a good tennis player.

  6. Good job!!I would like to play tennis,it is interesting.My favourite player is Djokovic,however I think Nadal is fantastic!!

  7. Good job!!I would like to play tennis,it is interesting.My favourite player is Djokovic,however I think Nadal is fantastic!!

  8. I think Rafael Nadal is a superstitious person, because I've noticed that he has always two bottles...I think his superstition led him to be what he is now: a great champion

  9. I like tennis. I watched some matches on tv when I was a child. I've heard of Nadal and Federer but I can't say who is the best

  10. A very interesting post Ale! I like tennis and I think Nadal is,maybe,the most famous player! I like him๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  11. Good job Alessandro!
    I like tennis and my favourite player is Djokovic, but I like also Nadal

  12. Good job !!! I have a Lot of Friends who play tennis... they all love Nadal !!!