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Have you ever thought that all the stories about the Olympus Gods are real? Have you ever asked yourself where have they got to during all these years? We know the answer! They live in New York in the Empire State Building, the new Mount Olympus. During the last centuries they have gone from Greek to Italy and then to America and, as it happened eons ago, they have children with mortals .
Result? The Demigods! They are doomed to live many adventures! We will tell you about them with the help of Rick Riordan, who discovered the existence of the divinities before anyone else. He wrote a saga about Olympians. The main character is Percy Jackson, but we’ll call him “Seawead Brain”! and his “friend”…a pen! His best weapon, infact it becomes a sword!

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If you want to know more about Percy Jackson CLICK HERE

Now We’ll show you our favourite Trio: Annabeth, Percy and Grover 

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Two movies were based on Rick Riordan’s books.

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These movies are beautiful but they don’t do justice to the books. On the other hand Logan Lerman, who starred Percy Jackson, is really handsome!

We like the books more. The story is enthralling and adventurous. The characters are described very well and from the reading you catch all the characters’ features.


To know more about him, read these five facts:
  •  To write the Saga, he was inspired by his son, who is dyslexic like Percy
  •  He loves “The Lord of The Rings”
  •  Rick lives in San Antonio with his wife and his two children
  •  He doesn’t like the Percy Jackson movies
  •  Rick loves Italy and is learning Italian

Have you ever thought about be a Demigods? Well, gasp the lance, polish the shield and check to have enough arrows inside your quiver. Get ready to behead monsters, to save a couple of Kingdoms and to burst into the Underworld!

Do the following test to know who your Godly Parent is!

Are you good at chemistry? Do you like it?
    A. No, I hate it
    B. No, but I find it interesting, so I wish I were
    C. Yeah, but I like other subjects more
    D. No, I prefer lunch!

2. How would you describe yourself?
    A. Two words: witty and sarcastic
    B. Pretty damn smart, thank you
    C. Flighty and maybe a bit standoffish
    D. Happy most of the time

3. How do the others describe you?
    A. Loyal
    B. Strong
    C. Practically perfect at everything
    D. Proud

4. Do you like camping?
    A. Yes, if there is a lake!
    B. I’ve never done it
    C. And that word mean…
    D. No!

5. Which would you prefer? A heroic death, or a peaceful one?
    A. I’m okay with either, I guess
    B. No comment
    C. Peaceful, of course
    D. It’d be nice to go heroically, I suppose…

6. Do you like swimming?
    A. Yes, I love swimming!
    B. Yes, a little but I prefer reading
    C. No, I can’t stand swimming…my poor hair!
    D. No, I hate swimming

MORE A: Poseidon

MORE B: Athena

MORE C: Afrodite

MORE D: Zeus

We are daughters of Poseidon! Percy is our brother…but don’t forget Tyson, Percy’s brother… is our brother too!



  1. I'm Poseidon's son😍🏝 I read all the books about the adventures of Percy Jackson. I love them. Wonderful post girls 😘

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  5. Great post girls, I'm Poseidon's daughter! I didn't read the books but I've seen the movies and I really enjoyed them😍

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