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Williard Carrol Smith, better known as Will Smith,  is an actor, comedian, rapper and an American filmmaker. A 360 degrees person and our favourite actor. You might remember him for his first part as an actor in the Tv Series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” but, since then, he has become a very important actor known all around the world for his roles in movies like Men in Black, The pursuit of happyness or Independence Day.

Here are some of our favourite movies starring Will Smith:

The Pursuit of Happiness is a biopic drama based on the real story of Chris Gardner, lead actor Will Smith, co-star his son Jaden Smith.
It is the story of a poor man who wants to teach his son through his example how to face life , to dream and how to pursuit happiness .
Chris with cunning and outstanding skill will manage to save their lives and become a famous millionaire broker .

I am Legend is a sci-fi, action and post-apocalyptic film and from reliable sources we know that it is one Smith’s most popular movies .

Will as Robert Neville is the last person in New York where a giant epidemy turned almost all the citizens into zombies .
Robert will be the one – with the help of his dog - who will save the population from the contamination becoming “Legend”. 
Men in Black is a Sci-Fi comedy with two secret agents as the protagonists, agent K and agent J. Their task is to supervise extraterrestrial lifeforms and hide their existence from ordinary humans.
You know? They say that the men in black really exist and their job is silencing all those people who think they had seen UFOs.

Independence Day is a science fiction movie that tells about an imaginary and almost successful alien invasion on the Earth with the distruction of very important American landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, the White House and the Library Tower of Los Angeles.

It all starts on Independence day when a giant alien spaceship obscures Washington causing panic among the people.

After Earth is a sci-fi, action and adventure film despised by critics but that we liked very much . It says about a future where the protagonists , Will and his son Jaden, live on a different planet because the Earth has become a hostile place inhabited by sophisticated creatures . Both go on a mission but their spaceship precipitates onto the Earth…

Collateral Beauty is the new film starring Will Smith, released on 16 th December 2016 in the USA and on 4 th January 2017 here in Italy.

Since we are great fans of Will Smith and we saw this film,  we are going to write a review just for you, readers of Let’s Blog! Please enjoy the trailer, meanwhile…

What do you think about Will Smith? Have you seen at least one of his films? Tell us in your comments, please.

Karina & Maria Adele


  1. Wowowo... I LOVE WILL SMITH 😍😍😍 he is my favourite actor... I have Seen all his films... and today I goING to the cinema to See "collateral beauty" with my Friends😍 good jod girls!!!

  2. So good Alice, it's a pleasure e every time to see that fans of Will are not alone. Thank you very much!! See you at the Collateral Beauty post!!

  3. My favourite film starring Will Smith is ... Hitch. Incurable romantic, you know. But it was great fun too. Looking firward to watching 'Collateral Beauty' (awesome cast!) and reading your review. 😊

  4. I like Will Smith very much. I know him because he acted in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"...I love itπŸ˜‚❤ I watched many films with him.
    I'm looking forward to watch "Collater Beauty"

    1. The Fresh Prince😍 When I was younger I used to watch every single episode of it!! So amusing!!

  5. Thank you guys for your comments, as you can see we love Will Smith and we can't wait to write a review about his new film!!!

  6. Good post Girls!😍
    Will Smith is one of my favourite actors, in fact, I've watched many of his films! My favourite is 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. A film inspired by true story... It's very moving😭!

  7. I think Will Smith is one of the most important actors in the last 1000 years! He is complete as actor and as man,too.
    I want to watch is new must be really fantastic!

  8. i haven't still watched his last film, but i already know it will be amazing beacause i have already watched all his films and i like them all. that i like more than others is " MAN IN BLACK"! :)

  9. I haven't seen his new film yet,but I love Will Smith!😍 He is a great actor because he can play each character!

  10. I love Will Smith!I think he is fantastic and his films are wonderful.I loved "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"😍😍

  11. I love Will Smith!I think he is fantastic and his films are wonderful.I loved "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"😍😍