Tuesday, 31 January 2017


We’ve watched it recently and it is really breathtaking! What a TV series!

It’s not only us who are saying that. Narcos is believed to be one of the best television series of  its genre. How many seasons are there?
Unfortunately only two, but the producers have already confirmed that season 3 and 4 are going to be launched. To be honest we think that the first season is more thrilling than the second, because it tells about the rise of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, who was one of the most powerful narco-trafficker in history. The narrative is set in Colombia, more specifically in Medellin and Bogotà.

We aren’t going to tell you about the plot: we don’t want to spoil it, but below you can read some curious facts about the tv series; don’t worry: there aren’t any spoilers!

1) Wagner Moura, who interprets Pablo Escobar, read up about Escobar’s life and the current status in Colombia.

2) Moura had to get fat to look like his character since Pablo Escobar was overweight.

3) Pablo Escobar was considered one of the richest men on Earth!

4) Juan Pablo Escobar, who is Pablo’s son, changed his name in Sebastian Marroquin.

5) Most of the scenes were shot in Spanish with English subtitles.

6) Many people literally worshipped Pablo Escobar as a God: some of them had holy pictures with the face of the narco-trafficker.

7) General Carillo is based on the figure of Hugo Martinez. They have some similar features.

8) Manuela Escobar, Pablo’s daughter, has tried to commit suicide after discovering his father’s behaviour.

We would like to write a few words to comment the TV series and its success. Ready?

We know people who have started loving Pablo Escobar since they watched “Narcos”, but, maybe, they don’t know he was a killer who murdered so many people by using his huge empire.
We understood that this TV series, although it is marvelous, could be misinterpreted: some people think Escobar was kind and polite, a hero to admire.
Our message today is one of disapproval for the hero of the story but of great appreciation for the making of the TV series. So we aren’t saying you shouldn’t watch series like this one (we love it!) only that If you watch a TV series who tells about racquet or killers, you had better watch it with a critical mind.

Till next time!


Alessandro S. & Eugenio


  1. Well done! It is an interesting post! I would like to watch this TV series. I agree with you: Pablo Escobar isn' t a hero

    1. Thank you Luca! I hope you'll like Narcos...

    2. Thanks Luca!!I think you will love Narcos!!

    3. Thanks Luca!!I think you will love Narcos!!

    4. Thanks Luca!!I think you will love Narcos!!

  2. Well, dangerous people are the most interesting ones after all.
    It's normal for the public to find this series so cool

  3. I have never seen Narcos...it isn't for me, anyway I like your post guys.
    I agree with you regarding Pablo Escobar

  4. I like your post guys! But I never watched Narcos,it isn't my genre...but,in the future,I might change my tastes!

  5. I've never seen this Tv series, I prefer other genres but I liked your post!