Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Hi guys! I'm Camilla and in this post today I want to share my photos and impressions of when I went to Rome and visited a wonderful exhibition:  "Van Gogh Alive - The Experience".  It opened on 25th October 2016 and will  close on 27th March 2017. So you still have plenty of time to see it!

Visitors are immersed in and surrounded by Van Gogh's paintings that are projected on floors, walls and ceilings. It is a multisensory art exhibition, a unique experience. The works are accompanied by powerful music by Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert and many others.  It's been an incredible, unforgettable experience.  You feel like you're inside the paintings.

As they say in the leaflet, it is a new way to experience art: "Van Gogh’s works have been displayed and enjoyed around the world for over a century – but never like this. Traditions of tiptoeing through unnervingly silent galleries and viewing paintings from afar are forgotten as visitors find themselves interacting with art in ways they never imagined.
From the moment you enter, a powerful, vibrant fusion of art and technology compels you to leave the world behind and immerse yourself in Van Gogh’s paintings – an experience that is simultaneously enchanting, entertaining and educational. Van Gogh Alive – The Experience will stretch the definition of the word ‘exhibition’ as it stimulates the senses and opens the mind".

 I recommend you to visit this exhibition, it's really worth it! You can't miss it!


Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, in Groot Zundert, a region in Northern Holland.
After leaving school in 1869, at the age of 16, Vincent started to work at "Goupil et Cie", an art dealership of which his uncle was a partner. It was this time that exposed Vincent to the commercial side of the art world.
In 1880, when he was 27, Vincent finally turned to art. He was inspired by the impressionism and post impressionism movements of the 19th century. He suffered from anxiety and fits of mental illness which brought him, when he was 37, in 1890, to  shoot himself in the chest.
Although an active painter for only 10 years , the self-taught artist produced more than 2000 works of art, consisting of around 930 paintings and 1100 drawings and sketches.
Van Gogh's artwork now sells for millions of dollars at private sales around the world.
Into Amsterdam there is the Van Gogh Museum, an art museum dedicated to the painter and the museum's collection is the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings in the world.


Loving Vincent is the first fully painted animation movie. It has an incredible cast of British actors (Douglas Booth, Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, Saoirse Ronan among others) and will be released in 2017. The amazing thing about this film is that each of its 65,000 frames is an oil painting on canvas, using the same technique as Van Gogh, created by a team of 115 painters!


My favourite painting by Van Gogh is "Starry Night". It is an oil on canvas. It was painted in June 1889, and it depicts the view from the window of his asylum room at Saint Remy De Provence, just before sunrise, with the addition of an idealized village. It has been in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City since 1941. It's regarded as among Van Gogh's finest works and is one of the most recognized painting in the history of Water culture.

"For they could not love you 
But still your love was true 
And when no hope was left in sight 
On that starry, starry night 
You took your life as lovers often do 
But I could have told you, Vincent 
This world was never meant 
For one as beautiful as you"

-Starry Night, Don McLean  

Thanks for reading my post.  Till next time!



  1. I like your post,Camilla.
    In general I don't like art so much but I went to an art exhibition once, It was nice!😍 (a little boring...but nice😂)

  2. I don't like art because I find it very boring. Anyway good post!

  3. Great jobs Camilla!!! This post is Very beatiful😍 I love Van Gogh's works and my favourite painting by Vincent is "Branch of almond flower" 😍 I am goING to visit this wonderful show !!!

  4. Wow!! Great post even though i don't like art so much!!😉

  5. Great post Camilla😍 I love art and Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists. In my opinion the best work is 'The starry night' ,a beautiful night landscape✨🌙

  6. Wow! What do you think about organizing a day trip?
    In the "National Gallery" in London I saw some Van Gogh's paintings and for my taste "Van Gogh's chair" is the best.

  7. Really a good job,Camilla!
    I think everyone should love art of any kind and even if I'm not an expert I think Van Gogh is one of the best artists in the world.
    my favourite is "THE STARRY NIGHT" it's wow.

  8. Van Gogh, not my favourite artist, though, I can see why people like him so much. There's two types of artists after all, the one who rapresents reality and the one who rapresents dreams

  9. Your post is very interesting but unfortunately I don't like art so much... I'm sorry Camilla 😂😂😂☺️

  10. This post is very interesting, Camilla😊
    I love art and Van Gogh' s works😍
    Also i would like to visit this museum

  11. It is a wonderful post!
    I love Van Gogh's art
    I believe that it is a beautiful experience <3

  12. It is a wonderful post!
    I love Van Gogh's art
    I believe that it is a beautiful experience <3

  13. I love your post, although I am not an expert or art I think Van Gogh's paintings are amazing and I'd really like going to this exhibition!😍

  14. Really good post, camilla! I' ve never been in a national gallery but i would like to do. I like art and Van Gogh's works because they are very beautiful.