Monday, 29 May 2017


There are some films that if you watch them for the first time at the right age have the capacity to inspire you : Dead Poets Scociety is one of those.

It is a 1989 movie directed by Peter Weir starring Robin Williams as Mr. Keating, Robert Sean Leonard as Neil Perry and Ethan Hawke as Todd Anderson.

DPS is set in the 50s, in an American male college that has the purpose to create right-thinking future men. Only Mr.Keating will be able to break the wall between imposition and passion.

Mr. Keating will open his class to the beautiful world of poetry, which is for him one of the few reasons people stay alive.


Dead poet's society is one of my best favorite movies.

I dont know what' s the reason why, but I think it really represents me, my ideas and my dreams.

In our society young people are used to thinking that "carpe diem" means, do whatever you want because life will finish soon

But does it really mean that? 

I think it is more “make everything around you beautiful”, “be happy of everything surrounding you”.

If you want always more and more, you'll never know what you really are waiting for. 

To live fully means to believe in values and in love.

Do things for a reason and not just do them.

Passions, dreams, wishes make you human, part of the human race.

They make you who you are, you can’t be different.

Dead Poet's Society is an invite to every person to follow their feelings and not be just rational.

What this film teaches us it to follow our heart and not only our mind.

It faces what I think is the problem in our school system: to teach “how” and not “why”.

Actually, why should we know something like poetry or literature? 

Mr Keating tries to tell his students just that.

He tries to teach why poetry or literature are part of our world and of everyone's soul; Neil Perry decides he is going to have that in his life. But Is the world around him ready to be human? Is the world actually open to passions? 


Neil Perry is the student who is most receptive and deeply involved in Mr. Keating’s lessons. He really started admiring the lightness within his speeches and the power of his words.

Neil's passion is acting, but his family doesn't want him to become an actor, they really don't, they want him to become a doctor and go to the military academy.

Can you imagine what Neil's feelings are?

Mr Keating has an important role in his life because he encourages Neil to pursue his own dreams, to take every single opportunity to face his fears and to respect himself as the only actor of his life.

Neil will not bear the weight of the death of his dreams. 

How many teenagers are not allowed make their passions come true, to pursue his reason why, to give value to his potential? How many other teenagers society will have to reject in order to keep the apparent common good? How many of us?

We should stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are.

I think I'm a lucky one because I really saw this movie at the right age, in the right moment.

When I first saw it I thought " thank God for making me see it ". Actually, I don't remember what I had learned soon after seeing it, but I know what it means to me now.

When I think I should do something because it is actually right to do it, I first ask myself: This is the right thing to do, but is this right to me? This film made me realize more that first of all I'd have to be respectful to myself and then the right thing will be just a consequence.

Respect, freedom, individuality and collectivity, poetry, love... .just a few of the teachings you can get from this very beautiful film.


Martina & Maria Adela