Thursday, 25 May 2017


 London’s calling

Hi guys! Summer is coming and I cannot wait! After a year of hard work and study, we all deserve three months of rest. Three months, in which we can do all the things that we could not do during the school year: sleep all day, go to the cinema or to a concert, go out for a walk, see many TV series on Netflix all day and all night, make a trip. In fact, many of us will surely travel somewhere. Where are you going this summer? To the seaside? Or to the mountains? Will you stay in your country? Or will you go abroad?  In a hotel or in camping site?

I will live the same experience as last summer: a study trip. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The experience of a study trip is far more than going to school in a different country and improve your language competence. It means living an unforgettable experience and making new friends. Therefore, I decided to tell you why you should go on a study trip. 

What is a study trip?

First of all a study trip is a journey  that has the purpose of learning and improving a foreign language. It is one of the most formative experiences because it opens your mind and it makes you get in touch with other cultures. Usually the holiday lasts two weeks or one month. You can decide to stay at a College or in a host family. Personally, I prefer the college. I would feel uncomfortable in a family that I do not know. Then the College makes me feel as if I was living  in one of my favourite TV series. 


Three reasons why you should make this experience


The main reason you should consider a study trip is the opportunity to see the world. Travel, see new places, know new cultures, and find incredible new food, habits, traditions, and social atmospheres it is the best thing that we can do. The world is too big to stay in one place all  your life. 


A study holiday grants you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a new language, and there is no better way to learn than to dive right in.


You will meet new friends from  your own country and all over the world. You will know about their cultures and traditions. They will be the best memory of your journey. With them, you will live the most beautiful and funniest moments. ΓΉ


My past experience

If you are still not sure about this type of trip, I will tell you what  this experience was like  for me. First, it helped me a lot with my English. Now I'm not afraid to speak in English even if I'm not very good at it. Not to mention the place where I went: London!  It had been my dream since I was a child. It is one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited. It is a city to discover and love. 

 However, the best thing about the trip were my friends. We were a small group of 30 people. I remember every moment spent with them with a smile. This experience has opened my mind, I have grown up and  realized how much I love travelling. I cannot wait to relive all those emotions this summer. However, this time I’ll go to a new city: Dublin. Wait for me, Ireland! I am coming!

Have you ever  gone on  a study trip?  Where? Did you stay in a family or at a college? If you haven’t yet, would  you like to make this experience? Tell me in the comment!



  1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience, Chiara. Nice pics! 😊

  2. I'd like to go to London😍 I'm sure it would be amazing!

  3. Nice post Chiara and beautiful photos!
    I can't wait to have fun during Summer!!!

  4. Beautiful experience,Chiara! I think it may be very interesting and amazing!

  5. 😍😍😍 I'd like to do study trip!!! The photos are beatiful !!! Good job chiara!!😘😘