Thursday, 4 May 2017


Hi everyone I'm Simone and today we are gonna dive into the scary world of super villains. Before we start I'm just going to tell you one thing, this list is just about the most famous villains because otherwise there would be quite a lot of characters to discuss about, and I ain't got time for that many researches. But now let us start with our number 10!

 10) Darkseid

Darkseid has been recognised as one of the most powerful villain in the DC universe, and for sure the main antagonist of the justice league.
Maybe outnumbered but not outmatched by the DC heroes, Darkseid will be never defeated, really, he is practically immortal, other than that he is also a galactic dictator which submits every planet in his path with extreme and violent brutal force. Nothing special,  right?

 9) Red Skull

The arch nemesis of captain America, Red Skull, is a high-ranking nazi agent who goes for some questionable length in his quest for global domination.
By possessing all Captain America's powers, he is a formidable fighter. However his true power comes from an incredible intellect.
He is on this list for his cruelty, in fact, in order to archive his goals, Red Skull is capable of sacrificing the life of most people he encounters and even his own henchmen. I wonder what make up he uses for his face, it looks so real...oh wait!

8) Bullseye


He is one of the deadliest assassins in the Marvel comic universe by having a truly scary characteristic:  he never misses his target.
Most of the time he has been hired by Kingpin to work into the streets of New York and he surely deserves both his name and his position on our list by being an overall psychopath that doesn't care whatsoever for the life of others.
One of the most memorable act of this villain was killing Electra with one of her own sai, and if it wasn't enough he even demonstrated his enjoyment, or even pleasure for killing, which makes him look even more evil.
Well, he will sure win a shooting contest against Daredevil. No, not because he never know Daredevil’s characteristics right? He is kinda blind.

7) Deathstroke

He is the inspiration for the character of Deadpool and he is not for sure a guy you want to cross, Slade Wilson is a match both for Batman and Green Arrow by being an amazingly talented fighter and shooter and he also has superhuman strength and reflexes in order to make the hero’s  job even more difficult.
Even if he has only one eye he still has two arms and legs able to massacre entire groups of people with ease.
Oh, and did I mention that he is so brutal he even damages his own body without expressing pain, during fights? He is definitely a blood-thirsted mercenary.

6) Sabertooth

This character represents the anger and violence coming from years of discrimination and hate.
This mutant is famous for being quite a literal animal when he strikes his victims, in fact his main design is supposed to remind of a wild beast. He has sharp teeth and claws and he is also so hairy that it looks like he has a fur,  instead.
He also has an incredible hatred to Wolverine since they first met, escalating in the vicious murder and rape of one of his lovers,  Silver Fox.
Aside from him, Sabertooth will find no mercy into brutally killing his opponents or maybe, idk, making punching bags out of their bodies.
Oh! And for some reason he was Wolverine's brother in the movie "X-men origins: Wolverine", kinda cool, but no,  thanks!

5) Doomsday

His name should be already an explanation to why he is on my list.
But, if you want more information, well, here I am! Let's start saying that he is the one who killed Superman for the first time, when the death of superheroes wasn't a joke,  this event was traumatic for thousands of readers.
He is also an unstoppable killing machine with the only purpose to destroy,  that was to succeed in destroying the justice league International, giving Supergirl a horrible makeup and provide Metropolis with probably the most expensive repairs ever. But, at least,  he lived up to his name so...good job,  I guess?

4) Bane

Bane is one of the most dangerous and violent enemy of Batman.
He does not only have an incredible strength but he also has enough brain to compensate, he elaborated an elaborate plan to make Batman fight all of his enemies in a row before hitting him with the final blow, breaking his back without mercy.
He  appeared in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" and remembered by many fans for his brutal and ruthless persona.

3) Evil Ernie

As a child Earnie was able to alter the course of the future through his drawings. This power allowed him to torture his pregnant mother and kill his unborn brother.
After being restricted into a mental hospital, he was able to escape and kill mum and dad before going into a brutal killing spree, but do you know what the scary part is? He did all that before he gained his super natural powers which transformed him into a monster that could reanimate the body of his victims and transform them into his personal zombies.Quite cool actually. Not that I sympathise with psychos or anything.

2) The Joker

Oh my, where do I even begin with him! The Joker is famous for being both the archenemy of  Batman and one of the most memorable psychopaths in the comics universe
Mmm... now that I see the list I think I could make another post just about him. Well, you’ll have to wait until it comes out then. God,  I should be on this list too, I'm cruel!

1) Carnage

 At least Venom killed for revenge, you know? Carnage is another alien symbiote (like Venom) which is famous for his horrible acts of violence, as you could have understood by his name.
The symbiote enhances the characteristics of his host, a psychopath, making the resulting creature even more brutal and dangerous.
He just finds killing one of the most pleasurable things to do and the way he does it  is just disgustingly brutal.
Long story short,  hope to be saved by Spider-Man because what's coming next will not be fun...not for you at least.

So here we go, you can tell me what you think about these villains or,  maybe , even other villains in the comment section below. Besides, I  hope you liked my post. Till next post, then,  where I'll talk about the Joker as promised above. Bye!



  1. Quite disturbing figures. Who likes these guys??? ;-)

  2. Wow, they are so ugly.. I know some of them. Great joker💪😂

  3. Good job!!I know most of these villains even if I don't read comics.I agree with you about Carnage and I hope to see him in a film or in a TV series!!
    Then,what about Deathstroke...😍😍

  4. I just know the Joker, Because I don't like comics 😅 however this spost is very interesting ...good job simone

  5. As you can imagine, I know The Joker, but I've never heard of the other villains.
    I love your posts, Simone and you should be proud because I'm not a fan of superheroes world.

  6. I know some of these villains because of the DC movies and Marvel ones but I haven't read the comics. I like your post!