Monday, 8 May 2017


Welcome back friends!

As we explained in the post on the meaning of colours (HERE),  everything we love or we do reflects our personality and our temper.  Today we will show you that even your favourite pet will  say much about yourself. It is not  a scientific matter,  but these conclusions are not mere invention.

The dog

The dog is believed to be every man's best friend.  if it is your favorite animal most likely this means that you are very loyal and faithful, one of your goals in life is to protect the others even facing danger. Not coincidentally many doctors, nurses and police officers have said that their favorite animal is just the dog. In the end,  we can say that those who love this animal are brought to act on instinct and always looking for someone to share their emotions with.

The dolphin

The dolphin is an animal loved by few people. Generally it is considered to be good and loving towards humans.  Those who love this animal tend to be innocent, naive and sensitive, searching for love and affection from others. They are also  very intelligent and playful , like to live a calm and carefree life  and to avoid dangerous situations.  Those who love the dolphin are also nice and funny  people who can bring a smile to anyone. The dolphin is the happiest animal we know. Are you happy people?

The  turtle

The turtle is a fantastic animal which symbolizes wisdom and immortality.  If you are attracted to it and consider it your favourite animal, it  means that you are a stubborn and reflective person,  almost a strategist when it comes to solving a problem. You like to take the time to think of an effective way to overcome difficulties and do not rush things. No one can crush you. The turtle is the most patient animal in the world and,  if you like it, you must be the most patient person in the world!

The wolf

The wolf is an animal often condemned, misunderstood and ill-favoured because of stereotypes. If you like this animal you are untamed, wild, loyal friends and passionate with your partners: In love you like being in command and to conquer the person you like showing yourself as strong and resolute. Despite everything,  no one can take you away from your pack.  You are always in a company of friends. When you're alone,  you're not bad: you always try to find a little time for yourself, where no one can disturb you. 

The  spider

The spider is considered a dangerous animal but also attractive to many people, if you like this  animal you are a person who loves art, determined and patient, you do not like to show off and are not interested in the opinions of others. You are mysterious and you raise great interest in  those who have  something to do with you.  In love you do not make the first move, you prefer simply to grope your prey, lure it into your web. When you lose patience,  you can be dangerous.  The spider frightens and awes its prey before attacking it. Do you think you're up to it?

Just 5 animals and 5 different personalities, for now. If you want to find out more,  follow us and  our future posts. Thanks for reading!

Alex P. & Denis


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  2. My favorite animal is the dog! All the people should give the same love that the dogs give! 😀

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  4. My favourite animal is the dog but I like also the dolphin!

  5. Very interesting post! I have never thought about what kind of person I am according to my favourite animal. I love the dolphin, and the description is perfect for me

  6. My favourite animal is the dolphin but my favourite pet is the dog!

  7. Wolf is really beautiful! I think itis the one who more represents me.
    Very interesting post,guys!

  8. Actually I have two different favourite animals. The horse and the dolphin. Good job guys!

  9. Tha wolf 😍😍😍 the wolfs are most beautiful and fascinating animals!!! Very interesting post guys!!!