Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Today is a very important day for us because the fifth movie of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga is out! You may not remember what happened to Jack Sparrow in the previous movie, so I'm going to remind you, if you don’t mind. 


The clever and fascinating pirate Jack Sparrow is looking for the Fountain of Youth but without the Black Pearl because Barbossa has stolen it. After he meets Angelica, a woman from his past who is looking for the same thing. Jack has always been in love with this woman but he doesn't know she is taking him to the ship of captain Blackbeard. Later Jack finds out Angelica is the captain's daughter and, after many misadventures, he manages to defeat Blackbeard and find the Pearl. He finally abandons Angelica on a desert Island.

Here's the trailer of the new movie


Elizabeth Swann 

She is a determined girl with a strong personality. She goes through a transformation, from a sophisticated and independent aristocrat to a fearless and aggressive pirate. 

Will Turner 

He is fearless and shows much determination. He is loyal to the ones he love and he would risk anything to protect them, most of all Elizabeth. 

Hector Barbossa 

He is a kind of eternal friend-rival of Jack Sparrow, he is smart, ruthless and intelligent. Hector can be cruel, manipulative and bloody, but he is a noble pirate. 

Angelica Teach 

Angelica has been repeatedly described as Jack's feminine alter ego because she owns all of his features. Apparently she is really tough, she doesn’t want to show her weaknesses but she is sweet and sensitive. 


-Henry Turner, who is Will and Elizabeth’s son.

- Carina Smyth, a young and brilliant astronomer 

- the antagonist, Captain Armando Salazar. 

Salazar is a ruthless pirate hunter but after dying in the Devil's Triangle with his ship, Silent Mary, he becomes a ghost greedy for revenge against Jack Sparrow. 


Depp is the protagonist of The Pirates of the Caribbean saga and he is perhaps one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. 


Johnny Depp’s success came by chance: during a visit to Los Angeles, with his wife, he met the actor Nicolas Cage, who advised him to turn to acting. Depp decided to try and after several castings debuted in the horror film, Nightmare, where he played a teenager who falls prey to dream-stalking demon Freddy Krueger. N3 

And then, in 2003, he starred in the marvellous, successful film The Curse of the Black Pearl the first of Pirates of the Caribbean saga, playing a character that only Depp could pull out: the charming, conniving and defeated Captain Jack Sparrow. The enormous success of the film opened him several doors, bringing him even an Oscar nomination. In fact, from that moment on, he did not only interpret the characters he was assigned but created himself new fantasy characters which made him one of the brightest actors in the history of cinema.

His roles are marvelous not only for the beauty or the charming personality of Johnny Deep but also because he can reinvent them and create new suitable masks for himself. In an interview he said he is very shy and just for this reason he loves to dress up and become somebody else. His most famous masks are the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka of The Chocolate Factory. 

Did you know that Johnny Depp love his fans, as we can see in this video ?


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  1. Good girls😚 I like this saga very much and I hope I'll be able to see the 5th movie at the cinema

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  4. I'm starting watching this saga nowadays on Sky! it's really incredible!

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