Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Do you want to organize a full immersion in nature or an excursion ? We think you should follow our advice.

First of all, any excursion , especially in unknown areas , must be organized carefully to reduce the risks during the trip .

Some statistics report that, in the majority of cases incidents take place in traditional paths.

In this list we’ll give you some useful advice to face an excursion without problems (fingers crossed!)

  • It is necessary to know your physical conditions, because the effort can cause injuries ;
  • Every excursion must be chosen according to the hours of light . 
  • It is important to eat food which contains carbohydrates , such as pasta, cereals and rice .
  • The study of the itinerary Is important to know where the excursion starts, the difference in height, the slopes and so on. 
  • Consult with attention the weather forecast at least two days before the excursion .
  • During an excursion it is very important to drink water and to know if there are water springs.
  • The preparation of the backpack and the choice of the clothes according to the length and height of the site , to the season and to the weather .

An excursion can be made alone , with two or more people, but we always must have the awareness of what we are going to do and of our limits. If despite all device, an accident should occur, it is important to keep calm and call for help.

In our town there are several areas where you can go for an excursion. Lots of tourists come to Subiaco especially in summer and in winter , because there are a lot of beautiful natural spots and ski slopes.

Laghetto di San Benedetto - Subiaco


If you want to climb some rocky walls the most beautiful place is called “Le Prata “. You’ll need some climbing nails and a long rope .

If you want to do some jogging or bodyweight exercise there is a wonderful place called “Cappuccini” where you can find a lot of exercise machines. To go there you should wear a comfortable sporty clothes or a tracksuit 

If you want to walk along the river Aniene, you can go to “Minnone” , with its lovely riverside paths. You should remember to bring some insect spray to avoid annoying bites. 




  1. Nice post guys!
    I love going for a walk to Le Prata!

  2. Le Prata is a wonderful place to organize an excursion😍

  3. Good job guys I like doing excursions and your advice are very useful!

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