Friday, 5 May 2017


''Should I stay or Should I go'' sang  The Clash back in 1982. This is a question that lots of people wonder.
For many people it's a dream to move abroad. Others, instead,  decide to stay in their own country. In Italy it seems job opportunities are decreasing, so young people wish to go abroad, to other countries, where,  maybe, they can find more and better job offers. But there aren't only young people wishing to to go away, there are also old people who are forced to go abroad where, with their pension, they can live better.

So here there are some countries where it is possible to change your life for  better...


·     It's the first among  the best countries thanks to its satisfying economy and its possibility to do sport. If you went to this country there would be just one problem: you may remain alone and feel lonely because, in another ranking, Switzerland is the last country where it is easy to make new friends. 


·      News about this country are quite positive except for one aspect:   education is more expensive than in other countries.
It is situated in an archipelago formed by much smaller islands and Singapore is the biggest, so you will be surrounded by the sea. If you love the sun and summer time this place is perfect for you.


·        It is the first European country of the ranking thanks to its economy,  that is one of the most solid in the world, but some people notice that even this country go wrong in some things, like making friends, or  food which is not so good and, moreover,   social life can be rather  disappointing. Weird!


·        It is ninth place in the ranking because of the difficulty to adapt to the behaviour, but also for the difficulty a visitor can experience while adapting to the culture and the food. But if you are looking for meditation,  it is the perfect destination...


This country is classified twentieth in the ranking and third  among European countries. it is the last of the top twenty because of the  few opportunities to find job  there.


Italy is only thirty-first,   not so  good  a country to  live in.  I must disagree because I think Italy is a unique country. In fact,  I wonder has Switzerland got our climate? Has Germany got the same food as we have in Italy? Has Belgium our beautiful landscape? Has India got our artistic heritage? For all of these reasons I LOVE ITALY and I could never live in a different country. 



  1. I agree with you, Matteo. Italy is just a wonderful country! FETTUCCINE♡

  2. Guess where I'd love to live? No, you can' t. Too difficult! 😉

  3. I really like this post, I wish in life to travel a lot but at the same time I'm strongly convinced that I will not forget my origins.
    Good job 😉

  4. Yep, Italy is the best, maybe because we live im Italy
    I think living abroad and traveling in general helps peolpe open their mind and embrace different cultures

  5. Very interesting post Matteo! Italy is unique for a lot of reasons but as you said job opportunities are decreasing, so people had to go abroad to find their job and I think for some of them it is very difficult to take similar decisions. I hope to find my work in my country

  6. Very good,Matteo! Italy is my place and the only country I want to live in! I hope nothing will force me to go away!

  7. Really nice post! I like Italy but I love travelling more than anything else. Infact that's what I want to do when I grow up

  8. I love Italy,but I would like to visit other European countries