Friday, 9 June 2017


Disney always bewitches us with its fantastic stories, proposing its great classics again in live action! Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale that everyone has watched at least once, this is the strongest point of the movie: we all may turn back in time, when we spend time seeing these wonderful stories.
Everyone knows the enchanting story of Belle and Beast, but if you don’t … click here.

The greatest fear of the fans was that the movie would  ruin our memories of  the cartoon but, fortunately, the live-action went beyond all our expectations. The film is very similar to the cartoon, except for two scenes:

1.  Belle and the Beast go to Belle’s native city,  Paris

2.  the Beast sings. 

Belle is considered the first Disney heroine really emancipated respect to the other princesses. She loves reading books, she doesn’t believe in love at first sight and she is seen as an “original” girl. The relationship with the Beast makes her rebel aspect stand out,  because Belle is able to understand his feelings. This happens also with Gaston: she is the first girl to stand up to him refusing his courtship. (Don’t worry Gaston,  we are here to cheer you up!).

The most important message in the movie is about beauty: it is inside everyone and it is not in their appearance. In our society people are worried to be judged, so the opinions of the others matter and nobody is able to be truly themselves.

The movie is surrounded by a magical atmosphere thanks to  the incredible songs. These are our favourites:


The opening song, which describes  daily life. Everyone,  like  Belle, is tired of monotony. For this reason we dream to travel and see beautiful places around the world.


The song par excellence about him: the only and inimitable Gaston who wins over every girl with his charm, even us!  Not to mention his friend LeFou: he is amazing!


The character of LeFou aroused a lot of controversy because he’s the first homosexual character in a Disney movie. Many cinemas refused to have  the movie on  for this reason. There were many requests of censorship but at Disney  they weren’t  intimidated by this round of hate. All the complaints were rejected. We are #TeamDisney!


One of the most romantic songs ever! All of us dreamed to dance with our prince charming on  this song with a gorgeous dress, and we still dream about  it!

Summing up, we love this movie and we couldn’t find any flaw. It entertains, amuses, excites and makes you dream.

We wrote  about the film but now it is your turn: have you seen the movie yet? What do you think about it? How about the musical scenes? Do you prefer the live-action or the original cartoon? Tell us in the comments!

Chiara, Federica, Ludovica & Sofia

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