Saturday, 3 June 2017


If you wish a unique trip, you should absolutely go and visit caves in Italy. Our country boasts a big quantity of awesome caves, almost all accessible. There are caverns with compelling landscapes placed especially in the subsoil where there is always a cool climate. Speleological tourism has developed in Italy during the last years. Before an excursion you’d better be sure to have the necessary equipment: a pair of trekking shoes, appropriate clothing, a good flashlight and, finally,   a reliable guide.

Here are 3 of the most wonderful caves in Italy:

·         GROTTA DI BOSSEA: this beautiful cavern is in Northern Italy. This huge cave 3 km long   hosts  the skeleton of a prehistoric bear, exhibited in a specific room.

·         GROTTA DI CASTELLANA: situated in Puglia near Bari, it  is rich in stalactites and stalagmites as well as  in alabaster, which makes the place one of the most shining caves in the world.

·         GROTTA AZZURRA: from all over the world the tourists come to Capri to see this natural wonder. The well-known characteristic of this cave is that there are light-blue and transparent reflections which create a magic atmosphere. (see picture above)

In addition to the Italian caves we mentioned above , we’ve also chosen three  sites from around the world which struck and interested us with their unique characteristics.
The caves we would like to describe are incredible areas created by years of erosion. These regions make us discover fossils and remains that show us how the Earth has changed and goes on changing.

·        ICE CAVERN OF MENDENHALL: it is placed in a 12 mile-long glacier, in Alaska. It’s a protected area and we could imagine why. This impressive cave is accessible by kayak and climbing on the ice walls. However, the glacier is retreating increasingly  fast as global warning heats the oceans and temperature rises.

·       SEA CAVES OF BENAGIL: it is situated in Portugal. It is one the most wonderful places in Europe and also the best landscape in Portugal. You can go there only by boat or swimming from the beach. A hole in the roof is the characteristic of this place, which creates a beautiful light effect.

·        CAVE OF WAITOMO: it is placed in New Zealand. The thing that renders it  famous  is that it is popuated of fireflies. They can enlighten the night and they create a wonderful landscape that reminds of a sky full of stars.

That’s all for today. Aren’t these places amazing? Which is your favorite cave? Which one would you like to visit?

Francesco & Nicolo'


  1. What places! I'd like to visit the Sea caves of Benagil in Portugal!
    Look forward to reading one of your articles about nature: they're very beautiful!

  2. ICE CAVERN OF MENDENHALL is absolutely marvel😍 There are so many wonder to discover all over the world

  3. ICE CAVERN OF MENDENHALL is absolutely marvel😍 There are so many wonder to discover all over the world

  4. 😍😍😍 good job guys !!! The grotta azzurra is most beatiful!!!

  5. My favourite is Cave Of Waitomo! I'd like to visit it!