Sunday, 11 June 2017


Supercars, luxurious houses, swimming pools, helicopters and private jets: everyone would like to have these properties and enjoy them. The question is: do money and riches make you happy?

A new TV series I have been watching, Billions, may help you answer this question.

“Billions” is an American television series created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. It premiered on 2016 and the second season has just finished, but the producers renewed it for a third season.

The leader 

As you have just read, its title refers to huge amounts of money: in fact it tells about the financial world, ruled by a self-made Wall Street billionaire with one of the most successful hedge fund in the business, Bobby Axelrod.

The rival 

Another New Yorker has been raising a lot of dust around the Big Apple: his name is Chuck Rhoades, a powerful prosecutor in the country, who has always fought against corruption in America.

… and how it all started.

One day Chuck wants to “consecrate” his brilliant career in the Southern District of New York with a case against Bobby’s company, accused of financial crimes.

The good life of stakeholders envied by all is put in a bad light: every business man mentioned in the narrative has some legal troubles due to shady profits. 

Other distinctive features of this sector, such as corruption, spying and official misconduct, show us the apparently perfect situation in Manhattan.

SEASON 2: A masterpiece!

In my opinion, an influx of additional characters gave the series an amazing narrative in the second season, also due to the numerous twists. This impressive boost is well represented by a new character, which gradually becomes an essential personality over the course of the episodes…their name is Taylor.

Have you noticed it? I’ve just used the pronoun THEIR to describe Taylor. In fact, when Taylor started talking for the first time, they clarifies that their pronouns are “They, theirs and them”.

You are certainly wondering why I’m telling about this fact. The point is that a popular prestige drama like Billions, created a non-binary character for the first time. 

However, Taylor isn’t the only highlight which makes Billions an astonishing TV series; let’s introduce the main characters!

CHUCK RHOADES played by Paul Giamatti

He has been trying to destroy Axelrod’s company for a long time, helped by his colleagues of the Southern department. Will he be able to stop the financial corruption leaded by Bobby?

BOBBY AXELROD played by Damian Lewis

THE billionaire: a jet, a helicopter, various properties, supercars and a personal chef. He is definitely commanding the financial situation! Does he have any weak spots? 

WENDY RHOADES played by Maggie Siff

She’s Chuck’s wife and at the same time she works as a psychiatrist for the Axelrod’s company.

A fundamental support both for Chuck and Bobby: this will cause great twists and troubes!

LARA AXELROD played by Malin Akerman

Two adjectives: stunning and stylish. Mrs Axelrod is always determined and confident for the sake of the family.

Do you like this kind of TV series? Have you ever heard of Billions?



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