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To be a fair king or queen is not easy. You have many duties, you have to defend and protect your people and, sometimes, you have to make choices for the sake of your country, even if they don’t make you happy.

This is the first lesson Mary Stuart was taught. She was the Queen of Scots but she was raised in France to marry Francis, Dauphin of France. In this way France and Scotland were united under one crown. When Mary was 9 months, she became queen and her destiny was marked forever. 

The TV series “Reign” tells her story, her wishes and her ambition. It will take you inside Queen Mary’s world , showing the good aspects of being a Queen and the negative ones. 

Naturally, many events, twists and turns in this long tv series have been invented and highly romanticized. Many things didn’t happen at all in history and many episodes include fantasy elements.

Reign started in 2013 and this year it is going to end and in a few days we will see the last episode for good.

I have always loved “Reign” and I’ve seen all its episodes. What I’d like to do here to celebrate this lovely series is to list the best moments in a TOP 5 BEST SCENES. Here we go! 



1.How it all started (1x01)

This is the beginning of everything, this is the first dance of Mary and her friends. This scene, taken from the pilot, shows Mary’s sweet personality. Here she is still a carefree girl and her only wish is to have fun with her friends. But I think at that very moment Mary and Francis fall in love. The falling feathers create an atmosphere which brings them back in time, when they were just children and played together . 

2. Mary deceives Louis Prince of Condé (2x22)

Who would have thought it! His big love, Queen Mary , betrays him. During the battle with King Francis Mary decides to deceive Louis , hurting him. Sincerely I would have never expected Mary to be able to do such a thing. I must tell the truth , I was very happy when I saw this scene because Mary had chosen Francis…. And , well ….I shipped Frary so much, and Francis is my favourite character! Long live the King!!

3. Francis’s Letter (3x15)

Well…the last famous words… During this scene I cried lot. What can I say? Francis didn’t deserve to die…I loved his personality, he was so sweet and generous . Francis was such a great character, he loved Mary with all his heart even when she had hurt him. He always tried to do the right thing , to be a good King and a good husband. In this scene Francis gives Mary his last gift and he left her a letter to express all his love for her. I love Francis and I was so sad when he died! 

4.Brotherhood (1x22)

A short scene but full of feelings. King Henry has just died and now Francis is the new king. But nobody knows Henry had been killed just by his first-born. This scene is one of my favourite because we can see the brotherly love that binds Francis and Bash. Bash is very important for Francis , and we understand it from his gesture, he makes Sebastian stand up and then he hugs him, because Bash isn’t one of his subjects any longer: he is his brother, his advisor and his friend.

5. Baby John at the English Court (4x01)

I was struck by this scene. Here, John , Lola and Francis’s son, is taken back to the English court because he wants to go to his mother’s friend, Queen Elizabeth. In fact, the Queen took Lola as her hostage but with the passing of time they became good friends. Because of John Knox, Lola is deceived and she tries to kill Elizabeth, but when she discovers it , she sentences Lola to death. Elizabeth is forced to kill her best and only friend (we all know queens don’t have many friends). Little John is now without parents , he is an orphan just like her. Elizabeth feels guilty and sorry for killing Lola, but she nows that what had happened was caused by the war between her and Mary.



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