Sunday, 4 June 2017


Everybody should know him... but if you don't, no problem! We are here to introduce him to you! 
Ladies and gentleman, he is the amazing, the unique, the inimitable... Louis Armstrong!!!

Louis Armstrong was born into a poor family in New Orleans and he was the grandson of slaves. When he was young, his father took up with another woman instead his mother had to become a prostitute, because they were too poor. 
He understood his love for music soon. He brought in some money by selling newspapers, singing on the streets and also by finding discarded food and selling it to restaurants, but it was not enough to keep his mother from prostitution. 
Then he started playing in a band in New Orleans and his talent and popularity grew up more and more.
He litterally changed the way to make music. He was a singer, a trumpeteer and a composer... He used also to be an occasional actor!! 

He made jazz. He loved jazz. He was jazz. 

He was absolutely a phenomenon!

He liked eating a lot. 

 He was a latin lover. He married four time! Below he is with his fourth wife,  Lucille!

He loved his trumpet... it was his best friend. Louis is also called: the man who made his trumpet crying (too many emotions!).

He created a new way to make music and jazz. 

He said: "Never play a thing the same way twice." because jazz is improvisation and feeling... Jazz is all and nothing. You cannot explain it... you can just play it and feel it!

Louis was also a singer and he had a beautiful and moving voice!


He was valued by everyone. Let's read some comments about famous people about Armstrong!

"Louis Armstrong is jazz. He represents what the music is all about."
 Wynton Marsalis

"If you don't like Louis Armstrong, you don't know how to love."
Mahalia Jackson

"Louis Armstrong is quite simply the most important person in American music. He is to 20th century music ( I did not say jazz) what Einstein is for physics." 
Ken Burns

"You can't play anything on a horn that Louis Armstrong has not played."
Miles Davis 

Have you ever heard about Louis Armstrong?  

 What do you think about his extraordinary talent? 

 Benedetta aka BennyAlessandro M. 


  1. Yes, I have heard of him. Franky, I don't listen to jazz music, but I'd like to!
    Well done guys!

  2. I like jazz music but I don't know a singer in particularly, anyway Armstrong is really famous

  3. I love Armstrong and his music. This music relaxes me!!😄

  4. Armstrong is a very talented musician, and I love juzz music!