Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Have you ever thought what your life would be like if you were a toy?

Woody and Buzz know it very well! Andy is a child with very special toys. His favourite is Woody, a traditional cowboy doll, who is the leader of the gang. His motto is “There is a snake in my boot!” I love him! Woody’s life is shaked by Buzz, when he comes on stage! Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger with many features that fascinate all Andy’s toys, like wings, a laser and sound effects. He is extremely loyal to his friends.
He makes himself popular with everyone soon. For this reason, at first there is rivalry between Buzz and Woody, who hates Buzz because he is Andy’s new toy. Woody thinks the child may prefer a cool space ranger to him.

Then the two become friends and they live many adventures together. Many children all around the world daydreamt thanks to Toy Story. I hope my toys will come alive still today!
One of the things I love about Toy Story is the friendship between Woody and Buzz. The most important teaching of the movie is to know one’s own limits and that friendship can help recognize them. Woody tries to convince Buzz that he isn’t able to fly, so that the cowboy doll convinces the space ranger to be a loser. Then things change. In the final scene of the first movie Buzz and Woody need to catch other toys up. They are in a lorry because Andy and his family are moving to another house. Just when they lose hope to get into the lorry , Buzz attacks a rocket toy to his wings. Woody tries to encourage his friend saying that he could fly, and this happens thanks to the rocket! They succeed in joining their friends and Buzz tells Woody ironically :”This is not flying but falling with style!” exactly what Woody told him jokingly when he managed to fly by chance.

This is one of my favourite scenes!

This isn’t the only scene about friendship among Toys. One of the most touching scenes is about the Toys that, having to accept their destiny, held hands in a furnace to comfort each others.


These are most of the characters. Now I’ll tell you something about them.
Jessie is a cowgirl doll that first appears in Toy Story 2. When you saw the movie, did you think Jessie and Woody would get engaged? I did. But Jessie feels closer to Buzz… even when Buzz starts talking Spanish! Yes, because in the third movie, Lotso, an evil teddy bear, catches and punishes Buzz resetting him. Buzz, that becomes an obedient and fanatical space ranger again, keeps an eye on his friends that are imprisoned by Lotso. After many misadverntures the toys manage to get free and try to reset Buzz again. But they activate Buzz’s Spanish mode by mistake. He wins Jessie over with his Spanish sentences. What a funny scene!

Then Mr. & Mrs. Potato. He is a sarcastic potato toy and she is his true love. What a lovely couple of toys! Hamm The Piggy Bank is the cutest pig ever! It is Mr. Potato’s best friends. When they play videogames Mr. Potato always wins. T-Rex that suffers from anxiety. Rex’s worst fear is that Andy will get another dinosaur. It is a very sensitive creature.
Slinky Dog is a cute animal toy. It is so loyal to Woody! Bullseye, a horse that is happy to see Woody over a long time. Bo Peep, a porcelain toy attached to Molly’s beside lamp. She is a heroine and she is so beautiful that Woody loves her.
Talking about toys , who is unmissable? Obviously Barbie and Ken! He falls in love with her immediately, it was love at first sight. The same thing for her, given that Ken has got a giant house... I’m joking! Barbie and Ken are a lovely couple!

I think that having toys is amazing, playing is important because it means you dream and create adventures and this is the most beautiful thing ever.




  1. Beautiful post Federica❤
    I think life would be wonderful if we were toys,we may see life from another point of view! I love this cartoon,it's one of my favourites; I always watched it with my sister some years ago😍

  2. To be toys... would that be good??? I wouldn't like to be in the ends of a very naughty kid, I'd be SCARED!!!

  3. I wouldn't like be a toy but Buzz e Woody don't have a unhappy life. When I was younger I was in love with this cartoon. 😍

  4. I love these movies and I'd want being a toy..their life is full of adventures!

  5. I like this cartoon, because there are several adventure scenes and I find it more original than some cartoons.

  6. Life would be fantastic if i was a toy because i would live a lot of strange adventures😋😜