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Hello everyone!  Benny, Chiara, Maria Adela and Karina here. Last month from 6th to 10th February we were in
 Rome to take part in iMUN, a very cool school project. They were five intense days full of fun and work!


"Today we participated in the opening ceremony. It was very engaging to listen to the USA Ambassador giving his welcoming, encouraging speech. I loved his American accent."  Benny

The first day has been pretty quiet. I must admit I was a bit 'excited even though the excitement has faded away after 40 minutes of dances and traditional Italian music! After all it was nice even thanks to the motivational speeches of the foreign guests. Thumbs up!” Maria Adela

"This morning I was really excited and a little scared because I didn't know what we would do and who we would meet! Even though we sat for almost hours I enjoyed watching a band from the university La Sapienza playing and singing. The best part was when some ministers and professors talked to us saying that they were very happy to see us and they told us that the week would be incredible!" Karina

"Today there was the opening ceremony. I was inspired by the speeches made during the ceremony. I am so excited to start this experience! I can’t wait to start working in a committee but, especially, I am looking forward to hanging around in Rome! I love this city and I love living in this city even for a few days."  Chiara


"At first I didn’t know what to do. But after a while,  I got involved and I enjoyed this project a lot. I like learning the specific vocabulary of a UN assembly. For example:
"I make a motion to open a moderate caucus of 10 minutes, 1 minute per speakers to talk about ... "
"Any motion on the floor?"
"Honorable chairs, fellow delegates..." It is super!!"   Benny

Today I was there, sitting on my chair, listening to all the other delegates and they seemed native speakers and were also well prepared . So, in short, today I realized that for me this will be only a year of probation ... hahaha”    Maria  Adela

"Today when I entered my commitee I was really scared because I saw many students who seemed to be more prepared and confident than me... I didn't feel ready, I didn't know what to say. Than we started our debates  and, although I didn't speak much,  it was an interesting day!" Karina

"Today we started the work in our committee. I have to admit that I felt really intimidated by the competence of the other delegates. I felt very small compared to them. However, I will do my best this is all that matters!" Chiara

"Today an animated debate broke out in my committee, UNODC. Our topic, Achieving International Cooperation for Alternative Development, was a bit difficult and complex. We had to find solutions to solve that problem. All of the delegates were truly involved and finally we found several  ideas and we wrote them down in our working paper." Benny

I am realizing more and more that tourism and development is not my cup of tea. Today while the others were talking I realized that I wanted to express my thoughts, but my thoughts did not relate to GDP and statistics,  they instead  tended to face the problem from a humanitarian point of view” Maria Adela

"Today we started making alliances with other countries and I met really nice people! I talked with the sponsors of both of the blocks to decide with whom I should form an alliance, I really liked spending time there. The two sides made two resolutions for our topic  and I personally think they are quite the same so I don't know who I will vote for tomorrow...." Karina

"Today the work in the committee was good. I talked to many delegates from different countries to understand with which countries I should create an alliance. However, I realized that economy is not for me!" Chiara


"Our working paper became a draft resolution today. We worked all together and it was very beautiful. Finally we voted on our draft resolution.
"All those in favor please raise your placards"
55 in favour
"All those opposing?" One
"All those abstaining? One
This resolution clearly passed! We celebrated all together and we had a lot of fun"  

Although this is not exactly my favorite topic I'm having fun talking with other delegates in English, and I'm also finding some poor souls who share my thoughts, YUPPY !!
I already started to feel nostalgic, I like the life of a delegate . I do not want all this to finish... “
Maria Adela

"This was the last day in my commitee so I was a bit sad because I met really good people and I enjoyed the thime I spent there very much. Today we voted for the resolutions and only one of them passed,  but,  anyway,  it was a great experience and I had a lot of fun"  Karina

"I just got back from the party organized by IMUN. It took place at the Piper Club and the theme of the night was "Flowers Power Party." The place was cool! I enjoyed it a lot. I love dancing and above all, I love dancing with my friends. Tomorrow there will be the closing ceremony. I can’t believe it is all over. Can we go back in time to Monday,  please?!" Chiara


“What a beautiful experience. My friends and I took a lot of pictures and we had a lot of fun in the Plenary Session and in the closing ceremony. It was so sad saying goodbye to my new friends. I hope I'll see them again as soon as possible!
I obviously recommend to all of you that love English and politics (or to those that enjoyed this post and are curious about iMUN) to participate in this project next year!” Benny

I learned so many things in these few days, I had a lot of fun and challenged myself . Even if I was not a decisive delegate,  I helped as much as  I could and I do not regret one thing. I've already enrolled for next year, I cannot wait to repeat this experience and do  my best !! Step By Step , IMUN By IMUN !!!” Maria Adela

"Today it was the last day at iMUN and I think I'll miss those incredible people  I met this week. Yesterday we went to a final party,  we danced and we had a lot of fun together! Today in the auditorium we've voted for the resolutions of each commitee and then I say goodbye to the other delegates.... I'm really sad because it came to an end but I hope I'll do it again next year!" Karina
"We are going to the closing ceremony. I already miss all of it: to wake up in Rome, to wear elegant clothes, to meet new people, and to hang out i in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I will miss also to wear heels all day. It was nice to create a little daily life. It was a fantastic experience! I will certainly come back home with the determination to improve my language skills and with the knowledge that if we work all together we can make this world different. See you next year at IMUN 2018!!!" Chiara

What are your impressions? Would you like to take part in this project?
Have you ever heard about it?  
We are looking forward to your comments!

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  2. Wow 😲 Next year I would like to take part in this wonderful project 👍🏻

  3. I think it's a beautiful project and a good experience but I think I'll never do it.
    It's not a kind of things I love doing.

  4. Proud of you, delegates of the future! ;-)

  5. This experience must heve been so interesting! I would have wanted to take part in this project

  6. Well done girls! I must say this kind of experience is astonishing!
    I took part in GCMUN and it was great!