Sunday, 5 March 2017


Do you like looking at the showcases to find particular dresses and styles?? Are you interested in fashion? If you are, this post is perfect for you. If you are not, never say never. Have a look at our photos, first! 
We are Benny and Alessandro M., for once in the same team. Today we are going to write about Milan Fashion Week!

Milan fashion week is one of the most important Fashion events. It has recently be helt and all the fashion magazines feature it these days.
What important brands were featured in the Fashion Week?
Here they are! These are the most important fashion houses:

A lot of people think women's collections are more interesting than men's, but we don’t! In our opinion, men’s clothes are absolutely as fascinating as women’s.
The King of the latest Milan Fashion Week was Giorgio Armani
He presented enchanting, classic and elegant outfits. We love him!
Let's look some of Armani's creations for men presented last week: 

The history of the event

Milan Fashion Week was first held in 1958. It is one of the “Big four fashion weeks”, with Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. So it is a very important event all over the world and It attracts a lot of people every year.
Every year there are two events: one for the spring/summer collections that is held in September/ October and another one for the autumn/winter collection that is held in February /March.
Milan Fashion Week includes more than 40 shows each season that transform the city into a touristic hob. Two special locations for Milan Fashion Week are Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Serbelloni.

We have never participated in this event but we would like to go there and see some fashion shows . Maybe We’ll do it one day! It would be such a cool experience!

And you? Have you ever heard of Milan Fashion Week? Have you ever been there?
What is your favourite brand among those we mentioned in this post?
Looking forward to your comments! 

Alessandro M.Benedetta aka Benny


  1. I've heard many times about it and I'd like to go there too! It would be really great, anyway my favourite brands are Giorgio Armani and D&G, but of course the orhers are incredible too😍😊

  2. I've heard about Fashion Week thanks to American Tv series😂 It's an incredible event and I'm proud because one of the four fashion capitals in the world is in Italy 💚❤

  3. I've heard about Milan Fashion week, but I've never been there.I like Giorgio Armani's brand

  4. Of course I've heard about Milan Fashion Week!
    My favourite brand among those you mentioned is Giorgio Armani.
    You have just got me to join you and see some fashion shows there!

  5. I know Milan Fashion Week and I'm so proud we have it in Italy but however I have no a favourite one.
    Good idea for a post Guys!