Sunday, 26 March 2017


Thrilling moments ahead, guys.  Today Moto GP is back! We are great fans and have been eagerly waiting for this moment. We've also got a favourite biker to support, Valentino Rossi, and we hope he can be successful this year too. He is a real fighter, he will not let his younger opponents win easily. Come on,  "Doctor"!

Happy 68th birthday, Moto GP!

Did you know Moto GP has been held since 1949? It is 68 years old, but still strong, alive and kicking, let's say!

It is divided into three ranks: Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3. In every championship there are many races in different parts of the world and, at the end , the biker with more points wins.

Before the official race of today there have been tests on Friday and qualifications yesterday to establish the positions at the start.

The Doctor

He has always raced with number 46 in his motorcycle grand prix career and “the Doctor” is his nickname.

In our opinion, Rossi is one of the best champions in the world and we admire him for his cleverness and strength and above all because at the age of 38 he has great plans, energy and competitiveness.

He was born in Urbino (Italy) on 16th February, 1979. He started riding at a very young age in kart races. Rossi won the regional kart championship in 1990. After that he took up minimoto and before the end of 1991 he had won numerous regional races.

He began in 1996 in 125 cc motorcycle with the team Aprilia and he finished the season in the ninth position. The following year he dominates the 125 cc World Championship, winning 11 of the 15 races.

In 1999 he won 250 cc World Championship with nine wins; in 2001 he won 500 cc World Championship with the team Honda, winning 11 races and collected 325 points.

He started the Moto GP in 2002 with the Honda and then he went to Yamaha from 2004 to 2010. After he moved to Ducati from 2011 to 2012. At last, the returns in Yamaha where he still runs.

In his career he has won 9 World Championships and he has taught part in 348 races.

Earlier in his career Max Biaggi was considered Rossi’s main rival and with Loris Capirossi they formed the “Three Musketeers”, as the press nicknamed them. Rossi’s rival in the 2003 and 2004 seasons was Sete Gibernau. In 2007 Casey Stoner became his new rival, instead-

Today Rossi’s main rivals are Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez. In 2015 there was a long struggle between these three riders and after a few controversies between Rossi and Marquez, Lorenzo won the title.

Do you like Moto GP? And what is your favourite biker?




  1. I don't like Moto Gp because I prefer watching football match or Gran Prix of Formula 1. But obviously I know Valentino Rossi "the Doctor" 😊

  2. I love Valentino he is a great person. When he changed team and he passed to yamaha I was very happy, I thought that if he passed to yamaha team he would win more races...this because Yamaha team is better than Ducati

  3. i don't like Moto GP a lot... I know Valentino Rossi only because he is italian! I know he is a champion and i am very proud of him and his career.

  4. Great race today! Valentino Rossi 3rd position. That's a very good start for the Doctor :D Thanks for this post, boys.

  5. Well done,guys!
    I like Moto Gp but I prefer watching football😍!
    I like Valentino Rossi.

  6. I love Moto GP and Valentino Rossi!
    He is phenomenal, no one can do what he do

  7. Awesome post!!I like Moto GP and obviously my favorite pilot is Valentino Rossi;however I think that there are others good Italian pilots like Iannone and Dovizioso.

  8. I love Moto Gp and I used to watch every single race when I was younger!
    Valentino Rossi is a legend! I've heard he has earned around 350 million euros since his first Grand Prix!

  9. I know Valentino Rossi but I don't like moto GP