Friday, 17 March 2017


Nowadays video games are really popular and most teens play them all over the world.
In the past games were considered stupid, especially by adults, and even now there are people that consider games to be a waste of time or even a way for teens to become violent (you'll understand why later on).
Fortunately,  there are many open-minded people and they see games as something more than a way to have fun:  they are able to express emotions, art, philosophy and more. They are generally a great way to tell a story as well.
Today  we  - Denis and Simone -  are going to talk about some of our favorite games and why we like them so much.
Before we start, we’d like to say that Denis is going to talk about entertaining games while Simone is going to talk about games that have a great story and deep meanings.

1) Fifa 17

Fifa 17 is a soccer video games more realistic and truthful, especially here in Italy where all the kids play or follow football. This is one of the most played video games. I must say that I am not an expert and to be honest I am desperate. I prefer to play football in real life. However,  playing Fifa we can find all the real players and all stages imitated to the very last detail, I must say that the graphics is excellent. Each year, this game comes with various updates as for the clubs and the players. (Denis) 

2) Batman: the Arkham series

I'm a nerd, I know, but I couldn't resist to include this awesome series of games into our list. Batman is one of the most famous comics character ever created, so it was actually not very surprising that our beloved dark knight got out of the paper pages  and appeared in Tv series, movies, cartoons and, as we have already said, video games.
The first game of this series was released 8 years ago, and was called "Arkham asylum", this game was a masterpiece for the time, speaking of gameplay the combat system was amazingly sophisticated and having to use a good amount of Batman's gadgets was a really enjoyable experience.
Though the gameplay was awesome,  the story was the main aspect of this game. The story of Arkham asylum, later on followed by Arkham city, Arkham origins and Arkham knight was really good, and the art style used by the developers of the game made it look like the actual comic, with a great representation of the characters psychology, a great story telling and some touching moments (especially for comic books fans). (Simone)

3) League of Legends

League of Legends or LoL is a Moba game,  it means “multiplayer online battle arena”. The players are divided into 2 teams of 3 or 5 samples, according to the map of game choice. Each team starts to opposite sides of a map, close to what is called the Nexus.
A game is won when the Nexus of the opponents is destroyed or when the opposing team gives up. To destroy a Nexus every team must make its way destroying a series of towers called Turrets, which are positioned along the main lanes in both bases, Lane said, so as to slow the advance of the Minion (small creatures that are created every 30 seconds and attacking the other team) and opponents samples.
I love this game, it is true that complete a game you need much time but it is worth it, especially if you play it with friends. LoL is a very strategic game,  but especially a team game. You can play and create strategies, and that’s a thing  my friends and I really like. I recommend this videogame to  everyone  and I bet you will love it! (Denis)

4) Beyond: two souls

Have I ever said that I love paranormal stuff? Well, now you know I do! This game was good, Beyond was a play station exclusive released in 2013 that became very popular for his advanced graphics and the intriguing and touching story that it tells to the player.
To be more technical, Beyond is an interactive drama action-adventure video game that. makes you impersonate not one but actually two characters, Jodie an (apparently) normal girl and Aiden a paranormal being somehow attached to the girl since her birth.
The relationship between these two, the realistic graphics (reached also through the use of actual real life actors) and the way the game makes you see the struggles, the both hard and fun times lived by the couple through their whole life makes you relate so much that you can feel their emotions and care for the two characters as if they were real people.
The ending reveals the true identity of Aiden,  which I will not reveal to avoid spoiling the pleasure for you to play. (Simone)

5) Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game of strategy in real time where players collect and enhance playing cards and then compete, some cards are in fact based on the universe of characters from  Clash of Clans and beyond. In my opinion Clash Royale is great fun   and above all it  is a good pastime.  What has made it the most downloaded game for phones is  the fact it gives you the chance to play with your friends, creating more and more exciting challenges. But like everything else, this game also has flaws; in fact it often inspires, with deals and more, players to spend real money in the game. Doing so in my opinion you lose the taste of the game and, perhaps, the satisfaction to earn the goals that the game offers you. (Denis)

6) The  Metal Gear Series

This saga is so old that a lot of modern gamers developed their love for gaming with it. It was developed by Konami and created by Hideo Kojima.
The game tells the story of Solid Snake, a super soldier created in order to accomplish missions that nobody was able to. Through the game you slowly start to get really excited  for some strange reasons, and you feel almost like you are this soldier, you can feel the horror of war, the attachment to life, the compassion for the people you encounter or worse the people you kill. This game gives also a sense of reality due to the presence of government conspiracies, cold hearted military orders and realistic settings with civilians and normal buildings destroyed by war.
Hideo Kojima is also a great story writer and he is very good with plots, that shore makes the saga even better. (Simone)

      Denis e Simone



  1. Interesting post guys!!
    I am not a video games lover, i prefer play sports in my free time...😎

  2. I've never played video games..maybe only sometimes..
    I prefer doing other kinds of things..
    Anyway good post,guys!!

  3. I've never played a video game in my life. A huge generation and cultural gap makes me rather read a book or watch a good film. However, if I had to choose one I'd give a try to 'Beyond'. Should I handle a joystick? Now, that would be tough 😓

  4. Beautiful post guys!
    I have never played a video games!😅

  5. I don't like video games but anyway good post!

  6. I like video games like Mario Kart😂 but I don't know many video games

  7. I've never played video games😱 and I only know "Fifa" because my cousin always plays it. Anyway,nice post😊

  8. I like video games especially soccer video games like FIFA or PES.Last year my favourite video game was Clash Royale

  9. I like video games but my favorite hobby will be always "stay into the nature" 🌲🌳🍄☘️

  10. I don't like video games... for me video games are a few times !!!

  11. I don't like video games i prefer to read a book. Only once i played CLASH ROYALE because my brother asked me.