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An icon of beauty, charm and sensuality, she is the diva of divas, she is Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn was born on June the 1st in 1926 in Los Angeles and her real name was Norma Jeane Backer Mortenson. During her childhood her mother suffered from mental disorder and for this reason she wasn't considered appropriate to grow up a child. Thus her mother's friend, Grace, took responsability over Marilyn. Thanks to Grace the girl started being fond of cinema and Hollywood but when Grace got married she went to "Children's home society" an orphanage, where she stayed for 3 years. When she was only 16 years old she got married with James Dougherty but after 2 years he enlisted in the navy. In the same year she moved to Los Angeles and there she met a photographer who encouraged her to become a model.

Her photos made it to the most important advertising agency of Hollywood and soon she became very popular and in 1946 she started acting. Director Ben Lyon suggested her to change her name in "Carole Lind" but then Marilyn decided to use her mother’s surname, "Monroe", and Lyon chose the name "Marilyn" inspired to Marilyn Miller thinking that it would have a sensual sound.

Some of her most famous movies are:

"River of no Return" which is the only movie where Marilyn has long hair.

"The Seven Year Itch" where she wears the white dress blowing in the wind

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", in this film Marilyn had to share the scene with another girl who was a brunette so during the shooting she kept repeating "Gentlemen prefer blondes and I am the blond here!" This movie is famous also because there are two of the most popular songs Marilyn sang, which are "Diamonds are Girls Best Friends" and "Bye Bye Baby".


"How to Marry a Millionaire" which was an inspiration for the movie and TV series "Sex and the City"

"Some Like it Hot" in which the main actor wasn't so happy to kiss Marilyn infact he said "Kissing Marilyn is like kissing Hitler!". So much hatred came from the fact that she was pregnant by him but the pregnancy ended with a miscarriage.

Now we have some curious facts about the diva that we want to share with you :

  • Marilyn wasn't nuturally blonde infact she had light brown hair, she cleared her hair with hydrogen peroxide. Among all the shades of blonde she loved that one called "Dirty Pillow Slip"

  • She didn't like the script of the movie "Let's Make Love" so she made her husband, Arthur Miller, rewrite her parts of the script.

  • For the movie "Niagara" she was paid less than her makeup artist

  • When she signed her first autograph she had to be told the spelling of her name because she didn't know where to put the letter "i".

  • In the movie "Some Like it Hot" she missed a scene for 59 times because she couldn't say "Where's the bourbon?"

  • Last but not least, some weeks ago some photos of pregnant Marilyn were checked out, nobody knew about them because they had been jealously guarded by her friend Frieda Hull since she died. Frieda was proud of keeping the secret until the day of her death.

Do you like Marilyn? Have you ever seen a movie with her?

Looking forward to reading your answers in the comments!


Karina & Lucrezia


  1. Woooow! Very beautiful post girls.👏
    I love Marilyn Monroe.
    She was perfect,beautiful and I think she was a big woman😍

    1. Thank you Giada😉She was a great woman!!

  2. I love Marilyn, but I've never seen a movie with her. This post is enchanting! I didn't know she wasn't naturally blonde.

    1. Thanks Eugenio,😘 it's strange to imagine Marilyn brunette🤔

  3. I've never seen movie with Marilyn Monroe, but i'd like to see it! She is very beautiful!😍

  4. I think She was not only an actress but she was THE WOMAN.
    I love her for a lot of quotes about the mind and the confidence of women

  5. I like her but not particurarly, I mean, she is a great woman,yes!

  6. My granfather alway say that Marilyn Monroe is the most beatiful woman in the history of existence !!! I agree with him!!!