Tuesday, 13 December 2016


The wait is over: Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are back. Only four episodes to melt all doubts  after a long absence.

The Gilmore Girls are back for an event series of four episodes (called Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall), we will slip back to Stars Hollow to see what has happened in the lives of the Gilmore girls in these last ten years.

I finished watching the revival of Gilmore Girls yesterday. I just loved it, from start to finish. It was like coming back home after a long journey.  Lorelai and Rory know how to take hold of their audience grown up with them in cafes and with witty dialogue.

It was amazing to see all of them: Lane and the band, Kirk with his eccentricities, Sookie (even though for a very short time), Paris was perfect!!! She is a comedic force of nature. The scene in Chilton’s bathroom will always remain one of my favorites in Gilmore Girls.

I loved  Emily Gilmore and her transformation. To see her without Richard was too great a pain. She was one of the most successful characters in this revival. She has managed to overcome her pain with strength and tenacity. I don’t know what I loved most in her tranformation probably it was seeing her in jeans (yes, I'm not joking)

Now let’s talk about our Gilmore Girl: I loved everything of Lorelai saying nothing of her and Luke: Love. Luke is the perfect man. Everybody deserves a Luke Danes in their lives. But I wanted to see Lorelai dressed in a white wedding dress and Luke in a tuxedo.

I have mixed thoughts about Rory: the fact that she has given up her dreams hurt me.

The scenes between Rory and Logan were lovely even though they were lived in hiding. I love Logan, I love Rory when she's with Logan. I was sad not to see them together at the end of the revival. They love each other but they haven’t had the courage to fight for their love.

Another pretender I'd like to see with Rory is Jess. Jess returns and he makes Rory get back to herself. He still loves her. I hoped even in their happily ever after. I am still rather undecided between Logan and Jess. I think I’ll never make a decision.

The end. The famous last four words were revealed and my first reaction was, GIVE US MORE EPISODES! I began to think about Rory’s  mother and I was excited, she can also be a friend to her daughter. But now my real questioni is: Who is the father? Is it the wookie’s? It will remain one of the mysteries of the TV universe.

In conclusion, I loved this revival even though there were slow and unnecessary moments (15 minutes on the Stars Hollow musical, watched only to see the bewildered faces of Lorelai) and the absence of signs with its fantastic theme song: Where You Lead. Let's take a moment to listen to it! 

Now my top 5 best moments :

5. The return of Sookie
During the show I missed her and when she appeared it was a joy. Why, Melissa McCarty why you are so famous and so  busy?

4. The goodbye between Rory and Jess
He looking at her from behind the window. In his eyes there is still hope for their love.

3. The goodbye between Rory and Logan
The couple leaves with Logan who keeps a static image of their love, it was really heart-warming.

2. The epic return of the “Life and Death Brigade”
Excess, wealth, theatricality. An epic return for the “Life and Death Brigade”. 

1. Lorelai and her memories of Richard
If this scene hasn’t arrived to your heart, it’s because you haven’t got one.

This is my review of the new episodes of the Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life. What do you think? Have you ever seen the Gilmore Girls? Have you seen the revival yet? Did you like it? 

And Remember: Once a Gilmore, Always a Gilmore



  1. Very good post chiara i didn't like it before this post 🖒🙄

  2. Brilliant! Awesome! Thanks, Chiara, for sharing such great posts with all of us.

    1. Thank you for this blog that allows us to express our interests😘

  3. Congratulations Chiara, you did a great job! Problem is...I don't like this series:-)

  4. Interesting post, Chiara!! I didn't know many things about "The Gilmore Girls" but now i am going to watch it!!

  5. Amazing! This post in very interesting, Chiara! I've seen The Gilmore Girls but i haven't seen the revival yet!��

  6. What a cool post!! I like the Gilmor Girls, but as Elisa I haven't seen the revival yet! Now I am going to watch it.. My favourite character is Sooky.. she is very nice 😊😊

    1. I love Sooky, too😍
      I missed her so much during the revival!!

  7. I think it is a good TV series but I don't like it!!😦😦

  8. I think it is a good TV series but I don't like it!!😦😦

  9. Fantastic job, Chiara!
    It is wonderful!😍
    I like this TV series because it is very interesting

  10. Good job chiara!
    I haven't whatched this series yet but I would like to watch it!😍

  11. I love Gilmore Girl❤ I always watched it with my mom and my sister... even now😂 I watched the revival.. It's so beautiful😍 I love Jess and Rory together,they are very cute...but also Logan is so awesome🙄

  12. I've never watched this TV series but maybe I should start watching it
    Anyway good choice and good job girls! ✋❤

  13. I can't stand this kind of TV Series but I have heard these four episodes were watched by many lovers!

  14. When I was younger I saw it with my mom and I liked it! Now I don't see it anymore but I think I should start watching it again🤔...it is a great TV series!😉

  15. I love this series😍 I always watched with my Mother in the morning Before goING to school

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