Monday, 12 December 2016


Our English teacher sometimes gives us music videos to watch and work on as an assignment. We loved this song,  so when we were asked to write the story of the  girl in the video, we were touched and inspired. These are some of our stories based on The A-team by Ed Sheeran.

Chiara's story

Hi I’m Effy and I died last  night.
My wrong decisions have led me to this, it’s all my fault. I didn’t want to die so young. I don’t wish anyone to live my life. This is my story.
My life has never been easy. I was born in a poor family.  My father died when I was a child. My stepfather worked in a factory and my mother a shop assistant. My stepfather had drinking issues. When he came back home drunk he abused my mother. Every night I was afraid for my mother’s life. He never touched me, with me he was kind. In the meantime, I was trying to be a good daughter. I was good at school, I also won a scholarship. My dream was to become an architect and go to live with my mom in a house by the sea. But one night my worst nightmare became true. My father Killed my mother.

My life collapsed. The person I loved the most was dead. I left school and went to work in a pub. I knew my friend Cara, there, she was a bartender. Her boyfriend was a drug dealer. I began to take drugs everyday. Once I went to work under the effect of drugs. My boss fired me. I didn’t have money to pay for my flat. I went to live with Cara. I couldn’t find a work, I needed money to buy drugs. So I decided to sell my body. I felt horrible. Last night I made a mix of drugs and I had a crisis. After a short time, I died for an overdose. 

Angela's story

Rose wakes up on a bench like every morning. She is happy, free, she loves the world. She looks at all the things around with eyes full of life, full of hope. She is fully alive despite everything. But when the evening comes, she is lonely , sad and she tries to be strong but she can’t do it. She does what she shouldn’t do. She gets dressed, she puts on make up and she goes out in the street. The game starts, but when it finishes she realizes her mistake soon . She can’t take it anymore. She wants to die, she takes drugs. She dies …    

Ludovica's story 

In this video we can see a beautiful girl. Her name is Jane Di Laurentis
and she lives in a small town near Rome. She is twenty-five years old. Jane always feels lonely, especially because she has no family. No one speaks with her and nobody keeps her company. Her parents died in a car accident some years ago, so she is a strong and courageous person. Jane lives in poverty,   she has no money and for this reason she sells  magazines in the street in a very  program for homeless people called The Big Issue. But that's not enough. She has also other little different jobs. Jane is desperate for money.  Unfortunately,  she finally becomes a prostitute and a drug-addict and she spends all her money on drugs or other unnecessary things. She would do anything to buy her daily fix,  but in this way she hurts herself but she can't help it. When she takes drugs she is happy and enthusiastic so she cannot wait for that moment.

Francesco's story

Madison is 23, pale skin, dark eyes. She lost everything in her life. She lives in Cardiff and every night she has to find a comfortable place where to sleep . Madison is a homeless girl and a drug addicted too. When her parents  had found out that she used to take drugs they sent her away from home. After that,  she started selling magazines, for  a few cents, and sleeping on the park benches, gazing at the stars to fall asleep.
Her life was terrible and she didn’t want to think, she wanted to escape. Gradually things got even worse and she didn’t gain enough to provide for herself, so she began to whore herself.
Everything she gained,  she threw it away buying heroine and pushing death into her veins. Madison is still keeping on with her self-destroying lifestyle, crying at night and wishing she might have a better future. Anyway, her efforts to change her life conditions are inadequate and every time she tries to go up she falls down again.   

Maria Adele's story 

Chris is born . She's a cute baby-girl with silky hair and hopeful eyes . She likes to watch the sun and to see there the reflection of her already grown - up . Nobody loved her , nobody believed in her .She was always crying but no one listened to her .
Now she has a sad look but still hopeful eyes . One day , sick of everything, she escaped from her hard world and outside she found … people like her .
Here Chris starts to take "happiness" .  Her life is not so simple , everything revolves around a couple of grams.
To have them she's ready to do things she doesn't like so much .
One night,  breathing her last breath of happiness, Chris dies .
She finally reaches her real shape , the shape of an angel 

Benedetta's story

This is the story of a girl, an unlucky girl, Lisa. She had lived with her family in a small town and her parents had loved her a lot. But when she had turned 15, a terrible earthquake had destroyed their house  and her parents had died. She was their only daughter so she was entrusted to her aunt in  a big city.
She was very sad and she didn’t want to stay with her.  So she decided to run away from home  becoming  homeless. She started smoking and taking drugs. Meanwhile she met a group of guys that had her same lifestyle and also difficult social situations.
Lisa would become very thin and terribly weak and she would continue to take dangerous drugs, overlooking herself. She would die after six months due to an overdose.
After her death, Lisa’s friends would decide to get out from their addictions. Her tragic death was a real shock to them.

Lisa’s story teaches us that if you have a difficult situation, you have to ask for help to preserve your life.  You must explain your problems to someone, because there are people that want you to feel good.


  1. The video is so sad, but I love your stories girls...and Francesco😂❤
    I like Francesco and Maria Adele's stories particularly😍

    1. Yes Fede...the video is very sad😔😂

    2. Thank you very much Federica , I'm glad to read this kind of comments and to see that someone else likes our stories besides us . Thank you!!

  2. Woow..beautiful stories,but the video is very sad 😔
    I love Bendetta's story😍

  3. Awww😢
    Nah, not really, I'm not quite the emotional type but I really like seeing my mates work on such touching stories. It warms my artist soul ☺️

  4. I like all the stories, but especially Chiara's story because it's narrated in the first person and made me identify with the main character.

    1. Thank you Matteo!! I'm Happy that you like my story😘

  5. I like the stories , but especially Francesco's story because I find it very interesting!

  6. Very interesting stories guys! The video is sad but the song is very beautiful. I like Benedetta's story a lot!

  7. Well done guys!😉 I particularly liked Maria Adele's story but all of them are nice! I like the song although is a bit sad...

  8. Good post!I liked Francesco's story because it is sad but touching at the same time

  9. Good post!I liked Francesco's story because it is sad but touching at the same time

  10. Good post!I liked Francesco's story because it is sad but touching at the same time

  11. Good stories guys😍!
    I like the song very much even if it is pretty sad😢😢

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    Mariadele's story is original and it really touched me!

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