Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Hi guys! In today’s post  we would like to share some interesting moments from our special lesson at St. Scholastica’s Abbey
The monastery of Saint Scholastica is the most ancient benedectine monastery in the world. In particular, we visited the historic library where 20, 000 paper documents and 380 manuscripts,  written one by one by amanuensis,  are kept.

Our lesson was based on the history of the book,  from the manuscript to the first printed book,  and our teacher for one day was Mrs Maria Antonietta Orlandi, who works in the library and is an expert in ancient books. She showed us several manuscripts explaining how they were made and how precious they were and are. She told us lots of interesting details and anecdotes.
We visited the ground floor of the library where there is an exhibition of  documents describing St. Benedict’s life among other interesting things.
 We also enjoyed  other codes  and some incunabula, as well as ancient books with details about Charlemagne and his empire.

While Mrs Orlandi was explaining  we saw a singular book, something never seen before:  what drew our attention was a gold-plated bible enriched with golden miniatures and colorful images.

Many of the manuscripts introduced by the guide had particular features. Indeed, we noticed that in some pages the first word or the pictures were stolen because made of gold-plate.
To sum up, our school trip was very interesting also because we  found out new information about our local tradition and history.  We had studied that the monks used to work at writing manuscripts but watching their work with our own eyes and all those beautiful details was really special. The first book  in Italy was printed here in our town,  Subiaco, but to be there where that happen and to know the story in detail make everything more intriguing.

We went up by bus but decided to come down walking and chatting among us and with our teachers.  The sun was shining and it was warm. On the whole a positive and pleasant school day.

Till the next trip!

Francesco and Nicolò


  1. I liked the lesson and for my taste the golden Bible is the most fascinating thing I have ever seen in a library!

  2. Golden Bible...amazing😂❤
    The lesson was a bit boring...but I liked spending a different day!

    1. I don't think so Federica because I find interesting the story of our country.

  3. This is a wonderful place but we don't understand that our town is very important for the world culture...I'd like go to St. Scholastica's Abbey with my classmates 😊

  4. This is a beautiful experience!
    It is a different way to take the lesson!
    It should be very effective����

  5. I'm happy the gold-plated Bible amazed you😄👌

  6. It was a nice trip + an interesting lesson + a good walk down in the sunshine! Pity 3scA couldn't come with us. Beautiful post, Nicolò and Francesco! I particularly like the video clip about Subiaco and its monasteries :-)

  7. What a wonderful experience! I love St.Scholastica's Abbey for its history and its setting.

  8. I liked the school trip.It was very interesting and you explained it very well!The video is fascinating!!

  9. Woow! This is a very beautiful place! ❤

  10. I liked very much the trip but the lesson was too long😅... Anyway it was very interesting and you've done a nice post guys!😉

  11. Among all the article I like the pictures, I'm sorry, but the lesson was very boring. But anyway come on guys !!