Sunday, 23 April 2017


One of the most famous comic actors? Of course…
                                                     ADAM SANDLER!
I think he is one of the best actors . Why? Because he always plays a role in a very realistic way and because he has got a great sense of humor.

Launched as many other American comedians colleagues by the program “Saturday Night Live”, Adam Sandler has become the symbol of a national-popular cinema so loved by the people, as little recognized and often targeted by critics.
His latest work is “To Do-Over” ,but before it,here are some of the best movies you can’t miss!
It’s a romantic love story between the vet Henry Roth and the beautiful Lucy Whitmore. He falls in love with her since their first meeting but the young art teacher,Lucy,losts her memory and she doesn’t remember of him. After an accident,she soffers from an important brain disease; so,Henry tries to conquist her as if it is the firts time.
Sonny Koufax is 32 years old,he has a lot of money ,an excellent education and a beautiful apartment in Manhattan. But he is bored and he doesn’t know what to do in his life. Vanessa,his fiacée,has just broken with him and ,one day,Sonny, finds at home Julian, a 5 year old child never seen before. He decides to keep the baby and he tries to be his father.                                                                                                        I’ll tell a curiosity…the little boy has a twin and they often change their roles!
In this comedy Adam Sandler stars as Jack Sadelstein, a successful advertising in Los Angeles with a beautifull wife ,Erin,played by Katie Holmes, and wonderful children, which every year faces a terrible event: the visit of his twin sister Jill (the same Adam Sandler) on the occasion of Thanksgiving. The Jill’s exuberant personality will bring chaos in Jack’s  quiet life.
It’s one of my favourites especially because Adam plays with Jennifer Aniston,a wonderful actress!
Danny Maccabee,Adam Sandler, is a famous plastic surgeon who wears a fake wedding ring to avoid to have serious relationships with women. But when he meets his dreaming girl,Palmer, he tells her a lie,saying that he is going to divorce. So Danny asks to his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to be his fake wife. At the end of the movie, Danny discovers that,instead, is in love with Katherine.
It’s another famour comedy when Adam plays with the beautiful Drew Barrymore. The protagonists are Jim and Lauren,both single parents. He,widower and with two daughters,and she,divorced with two sons. They have met online but the fate makes them meet again in an incredibile holiday in Africa where they are blended.
So,these are some of the many movies Adam Sandler has done,but in my opinion,they are the best.
As I told you before, his last movie is “To Do-Over”, a very good movie ,set in Puerto Rico,for people who like action and comedy movies.

   I hope you like my post and if you’ve never seen one of Mr Sandler's  movies,  just do it!



  1. I know Adam Sendler and I like him, but I prefer other comic actors like Ben Stiller

  2. Amazing post Rosita! Adam Sandler is one of my fav actors! Do you know the movie Pixel?

  3. I love Adam, he's a very talented actor. I saw all the movies you've mentioned they are all amazing!!

  4. I love him,too! In some different way He is really handsome!

  5. I don't like Adam!!! But this post is very interesting,good job Rosita!!!

  6. I know Adam Sandler, he is a good actor but not my favourite.

  7. Adam's one of my favourite actors, he always makes me laugh