Saturday, 22 April 2017


Do you remember we are incurable romantic and we don’t want to be cur? LOL!!! Here we are with the second part of our 10-list. If you haven’t checked it, we recommend you to have a look at part one of our Top Ten! (HERE) Now, are you ready to daydream again?

Romeo and Juliet

There’s not much to tell about Romeo and Juliet, since so much has been said and written about Shakespeare’s unhappy couple and everybody knows the sad story of the two young lovers from Verona. Even if this is a tragedy, we love it for its celebration of immeasurable, endless love . Love beyond death. 

The two unfortunate lovers belonging to two rival families and their love sprung from hate still have so much fascination on romantic souls like us. There have been several adaptations for the big screen, but our best favourite is the latest one, Carlo Carlei’s 2012 Romeo and Juliet, starring Douglas Booth and Heilee Stainfeld. We may be a little bias since it was partly shot in our hometown, Subiaco. 

"Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I never saw true beauty till this night"

Me Before You

Weird and creative Louisa Clark is looking for a new job to help her family. Camilla Traynor is looking a person who can take care her son , Will, paralyzed after a terrible accident . That’s how Louisa and Will Traynor meet each other. At first they don’t like each other, Will is hostile and rude, instead Lou tries to do her best . With time their relationship grows and becomes deeper and they share both happy and sad moments. This film is emotional and thought-provoking. Lou and Will’s story clearly has a message for all of us: “ Don’t waste your time, live fully , be the protagonist of your life and live each day as if it was the last . Follow your dreams and don’t be afraid, Keep moving”.

"Sometimes Clark, you are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning"

Notting Hill

The love story between clumsy William Tacker and movie star Anna Scott is set in London’s trendy Notting Hill. It is love at first sight, Tacker starts courting Anna without thinking about the paparazzi or Anna ’s ex-boyfriend, but he is determined to make her fall in love. 

Some curious facts about the film:
  • The house where William lives is real and it was once Richard Curtis’s house, the screenwriter of the movie.
  • The painting given by Anna to William is called “ The Bride”
  • William’s bookshop is an antiques shop actually, and it is near a butcher’s shop.
" I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"

Maid In Manhattan

The setting of this love story is New York City. The protagonist, Marisa Ventura , is a maid who works in an luxurious hotel. She has a son Ty who is about ten years old. One day rich Cristopher Marshall arrives in the hotel and he meets Marisa, but he doesn’t know she is a cleaning lady in his hotel . They go out together and they fall in love, but they can’t be together since they belong to two different worlds. Marisa Ventura is played by beautiful Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes is Cristopher Marshall and the little Ty is played by a Young Tyler Posey.

"There was a part of me that wanted to know what it felt like, to have someone like you look at me the way you did just once"

P.S. I love you

Holly and Gerry live happily together but one day Garry dies for Cancer. Holly is desperate and can’t live without her love. She is depressed and also disappointed because Garry promised her he would stay with her forever ,but he’s gone. Garry doesn’t forget his promise , in fact he left Holly twelve letters , one for every month with an important message to make Holly live again. He always ends his letters with “ P.S I love you”. Thanks to Garry, Holly learns how to live without him and to go on, but she will always keep Garry in her heart and never forget him.

"If you can promise me anything, promise me that whenever you're sad, or unsure, or you lose complete faith, that you'll try to see yourself through my eyes"


Karina & Lucrezia


  1. Romeo & Juliet! Notting Hill! Me Before You! Love them all, though differently and for different reasons 😊 I haven't seen the other two films, but I may give them a try. Thanks, girls!

    1. Thanks, I read the book of PS I Love You and I think it's better than the movie, but amy way the film is nice

  2. Love stories are everywhere😂 Romeo and Juliet is my favourite one

  3. I hate love stories. In My opinion They have all the same plot and They aren't realistic. However I like Notting Hill and Me before you because They aren't just romantic films but They have inside other themes and meanings.

    1. Yes, maybe you're right Chiara but I'm a true romantic girl so I can't not love these movies😍

  4. I agree with Chiara!
    Anyway Romeo and Juliet is my favourite one!

  5. I love love stories and I don't agre with Chiara at all,
    They describe the story of everyone on this world because everyone is waiting for love! I saw all of them.

  6. I love this films and these love storys!!! Exspecially my favourite films is romeo and juliet between these!!!