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Subiaco’s fortress is not only a beautiful architectural site, but it also embodies the history of the surrounding territory.                                                                                                                                                     
Are you curious to discover more about it? Come with us! We’ll lead you back in time!

Let’s  start  from outside the castle.

The castle is almost one thousand years old and was built in three different phases. The first part was built in 1070 by Abbot Giovanni. The fortress  was built with an huge system of three parallel walls and included a watchtower and some underground dungeons.

In the course of the centuries, the feudal town of Subiaco became richer  and more important. Due to the conflicts between the monks and the citizens, the Pope removed the Abbot  from his position  and created a new authority to govern the town. The first was Cardinal Giovanni Torquemada , the second was Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, the future Pope Alexander  VI.

In 1476 Pope Alexander VI completely restored the fortress and also built the East tower. Cardinal Borgia ruled over  Subiaco until the end of 1492.

The Fortress then remained in the Colonnas’  possession until 1608.  In the 1600s the ownership of the castle changed twice, passing first to the Borghese family and then to the Barberinis,  who became the last family to own it prior to 1738,  when the castle and the town returned once again to the property of the Papal Cardinals.

 In the middle of the 18 century, Pius VI built the middle building of the fortress and transformed the entire castle into a grand Palace for himself and for the future Bishops.

Finally in 1915, it was given back to the Abbot of the Monastery of Saint Scholastica, who to this day holds its possession. 

Now , let's enter  the castle

 It is located on two floors:  the first floor was inhabitated  by the Colonna family. Their apartments include the banchetti room , the presentation room and the zodiac room.  On the second floor  there are the Braschi apartments, the commenda apartments and  the rooms celebrating the glory of Pius VI which include the  continent  room , the throne room, the library and the alcove.

                                                      The Throne room                                                                

            The Banchetti room    

 The Tower Clock

TO LEARN MORE  COME AND JOIN US AT THE WEEKENDS. We are up there at the Fortress to learn how to become tourist guides. Looking forward to meeting you!


Camilla & Francesca


  1. Interesting! I can see Subiaco's fortress from my home, it is so impressive😊

  2. Subiaco's fortress is extraordinary! I love my village! 😍😍😍

    1. It is true eugenio. It is a beautiful place.😍

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  6. good post Girls.
    I Think Borgia were a very strong family!

  7. good post Girls.
    I Think Borgia were a very strong family!

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    The history of Subiaco's fortress is very interesting!😊

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