Friday, 21 April 2017


Do you like swimming? Do you like dancing? I know a sport perfect for you!
 That is synchronized swimming . It is a hybrid form of swimming , dance and gymnastic, consisting of swimmers performing  a synchronized routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.

I do  synchronized swimming. I’ve been practicing for a while now and I like it very much.   It is a beautiful  and complete sport to have fun and get fit.                                                           
 For synchronized swimming  female athletes wear different bizarre costume, one for each different competition. Those costumes are colourful, bleached , polished and wonderful.
Synchronized swimming is the only watersport IN which the athletes use make-up. Also their make-up  is colourful and sparkling. They use waterproof make-up, of course.

1. Russian Natalia Ischenko and Svetlana Romashina  compete in women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear beautiful, black and silver costumes. On their costumes there is Michael Jackson’s portrait, to honor him. Their make-up is black and blue, the lipstick is red.

2. Pamela Fisher and Anja Nyffeler from Switzerland compete in  women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear black and bright yellow costumes with a drawing of money. Make-up is yellow and green, the lipstick is black.

3. Nadine Brandl and Livia Long from Austria compete in  women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear red costumes with some silver flowers and on the left of the costume there is a big, white rose. Around their neck they have black glitters. Make up is black and their  lipstick is red.

4. Anastasia Gloushokov and Inna Yoffe from Israel  compete in  women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear a white costume. On it  a red tie and  black overalls. Their make up is black and  their  lipstick is red.

5. Italian Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro compete in  women’s duets Synchronized swimming.  They wear a red costume with white and gold drawings. Their make-up is white with red lipstick.

6. Japanese Yukiko Inni and Chisa Kobayashi  compete in  women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear black and violet costumes full of glitter. Their make-up is violet and white, their  lipstick is red.
7. Mi Hyang Jang and Hivi You Jong from  Korea compete in  women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear very colourful costumes with many  circles of different colours and a strange drawings. Their make-up is pink,violet and white, their lipstick is red.

8. French Sara Labrousse and Chloe Willhelm compete in women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear a costume with many strange and colored lines. Their make-up is orange, their lipstick is red.

9. Evangelia Platanioti  and Despoina Solomou from Greece compete in women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear  yellow, orange, red and violet costumes  full of glitter. Their make-up is blue and white, their  lipstick is red.

10. Nayara Figueira and Lara Teixeira from Brazil compete in women’s duets Synchronized swimming. They wear black costumes with many small colored triangles. Their make-up is violet and their lipstick is red.



  1. Beautiful post! Thanks, Francesca :-)

  2. Synchronized swimming is a beautiful sport as well as difficult. I love black and silver costume

  3. I like watching synchronized swimming competitions and I think it is very difficult!
    Awesome post,Francesca!

  4. I love This sport! I followed it last summer during the Olympics and I liked The performances.

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  6. Amazing post Francesca! I like watching this sport and I really think that synchronized swimming is not so easy because I sometimes try some moves but I can't do these­čśů

  7. Great post I really like swimming and I would like to know how to do this sport! I love it!

  8. I don't like this sport so much but I think it's really amazing in his way like every sport.
    Well done,Francesca!

  9. Good job Francesca! This sport is amazing but I can't practice it

  10. I like synchronized swimming !!! For me it is a very elegant sport!!!

  11. This post it's very interesting. I'm a swimmer and just swimming is hard... I can't immagine dancing and swimming at the same time­čś▒