Tuesday, 25 April 2017


In this post we are going to see the most beautiful forests in the world. These wonderful places are in danger, as we all know, since we try to keep updated about environmental issues related to pollution and the overuse of natural resources, like deforestation and its main consequences, among which global warming. So as not to forget, let’s start our journey through the most beautiful forests in the world. 

The black forest

This beautiful forest is located in Germany, in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and it is on a mountain range.

This forest is composed by big black firs and is called the black forest because the trees do not allow the sunlight to pass through and its interior is always dark.

The hellebores forest

This beautiful forest is located in Belgium and it is at only 30 minutes from Bruxelles and it is on the border with Halle from that comes the name Hellebores . If you go to this forest, be sure to go there between the end of April and the beginning of May because the ground is covered of beautiful bluebells.

The show is breath-taking, and it looks like the scenery of a fairy-tale.

The rata forest

This enchanting forest is located in New Zealand and it has been the location for many a movie, first of all The Lord of the Rings”. If you see it , you get to know “barbalbero”, barbalbero is a rata tree.

Rata trees are a strange type of tree, their trunks are gnarled and this forest is just made up of these trees and that makes it a magical place.

The Caddo Lake Forest 

This fantastic forest is located in Louisiana, Texas.

It takes its name from a group of ancient Native Americans called Caddo; it extends in an area of 25,400 acres and is protected by the Ramsar Treaty.

This forest is the biggest cypress forest in the world, the presence of water makes it more scary, but certainly the atmosphere is enchanted.

The painted forest

This amazing forest is located in Maui, Hawaii.

The particularity of this forest is that it is partly formed by rainbow eucalyptus. This kind of eucalyptus in the summer loses it bark so that the trunk takes different colours and it reaches the highest level of beauty when it rains because the trunk takes lively colours. 



  1. What a beautiful photos!!😍 there are so many wonderful things all over the world

  2. I didn't know these forests! They are so beautiful and incredible... I would like to visit them one day.

  3. I have never knew anything about Forest in the world.

  4. Good job Lorenzo!
    I like these places and my favourite is the Rata forest

  5. I love the forests!!! I think that the forests are spectacular places😍 my favourita is "the hallebores forest"!!! Thank you lorenzo for this post ... I i just decided that I am going to Belgium so I can see this forest!!!

  6. I love Hellebores Forest in Belgium!
    It looks like a forest in a fantasy movie!

  7. Nice post Lorenzo! These forests are incredibly magic, I like all of them but maybe the one I like the most is "The Painted Forest". Good job👍

  8. Very interesting post Lorenzo!
    My favourite is "The Caddo Lake Forest"!

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