Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Are you a fan of Pretty Little Liars? Well! Get ready to rejoice!!!
I hope you don’t mind my announcing a few spoilers for the upcoming last 10 episodes of the TV series?
You hate spoilers? Well, I’m afraid you MUST STOP READING HERE!

You can bear spoilers or better you’re looking for some?
Then, go on reading! Three, two, one.. GO!

● We’ll find out about Spencer, Toby and Yvonne’s fates.

● There will be “more than one wedding” coming up.
● When Wren returns in Season 7B, his first scene will be with Ezra.

● Alison’s pregnancy will affect all liars, especially Emily.

● We can expect to see the return of Wren Kingston, Pastor Ted Wilson, Jenna Marshall, Paige McCullers, Melissa Hastings and Sidney Driscoll.
● The final season will be the deadliest and most romantic season yet!
● We’ll find out who killed Jessica and Charlotte Di Laurentis.

● The season premiere will kick off immediately where the last episode left off.

● Aria and Ezra have to deal with the fact that Nicole is back in Ezra’s life and what this means for them.

● After spending a romantic night together, Hanna and Caleb will explore where they go from there!

● We’ll find out who A.D. is once and for all!!!!!

Do you want to relive some of the most shocking moments of Pretty Little Liars? Then, this list is for you!!
1. That first A text!
Guys, we totally thought it was Ali!

2. When Emily came out to her father.
This moment was very beautiful!

3. When we realized Jenna could see!
A PLL world with Jenna who can see? Crazy!

4. When Mona was revealed as the first A!

5. And then when we thought Toby was A.

6. And then Ezra!
My God! This show knows how to toy with our emotions!

7. When we found that Alison was alive!

8. When Ezra was shot!

9. When we found out that Alison is pregnant!

10. And then when we found out that Spencer’s mom was actually.. Mary Drake!



  1. Tomorrow! I am beside with delight😍
    I hope 7B will be interesting and exciting!

  2. I have never watched PLL but I've heard of it!
    I am not going to watch it because I can't stand this kind of series! Nevertheless the actresses are very beautiful!
    Anyway well done Elisa!

  3. I don't follow a lot of TV series, but my sister does and she talks about PLL every day.
    Good job,Elisa!

  4. I can't believe that in a few episodes PLL will end! I will miss my liars so much😢❤️

  5. I've never seen it but I've heard so mach about it! I don't know if I will watch it but I like your post!😘

  6. Great post,Elisa!!I've heard about it but I don't like PLL because this isn't my kind of TV series.