Monday, 24 April 2017


Next 27th April the famous runaway Tom Hanks and beautiful Emma Watson will be back with their new science fiction movie The Circle. The two famous actors play the main characters in this new fantasy movie adaptation of the book The Circle written by Dave Eggers and published in 2013.

The story is about a future not too far from us where an invisible dictatorship rules the world. This oligarchy pretends to be transparent and politically correct with one aim, the Truth.

A woman (Watson) is hired in a powerful multinational company called The Circle that has the aim to unify the social media and every platform about privacy, in order to create a utopian society where every aspect of social life is completely transparent.

Obviously the novel, hence the movie, develops as a thriller and you’ll see and recognize the dangers and hidden motives of the company and its founder (Hanks).

As we can see in the trailer The Circle movie has a stellar cast!

Emma Watson, as Mae Holland the latest young member of The Circle;

Tom Hanks as Eamon Bailey, the head and founder of The Circle;

John Boyega as Kalden, a member of The Circle, one of Mae's co-workers and her love interest;

               Karen Gillan as Annie Allerton, a member of The Circle, one of Mae's co-workers;

Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Jessica Villalobos

Patton Oswalt as Tom Stenton, the co-founder of The Circle.

This film conveys strong criticism towards the overwhelming development and invasion of technology, in particular of social media, that being practical and trendy, exploits people’s vanity to control their life.

The message of the movie is that it is necessary to remember that appearances can be deceiving; and it is also important to keep our privacy so that nobody can control our lives.




  1. I think I'll watch this movie! I love Emma Watson as an actress and also as a woman! She is one of the most powerful women on earth because of her partnership with the UN and other groups!
    Stupendous review Alice!

    1. Thank you eugenio!!! I agree with you... I love her !!!

  2. Good job Alice I think I'll see this movie not only for Emma but I like the plot.

  3. Emma Watson is my favourite actress, I am looking forward to watch this movie😍

  4. It's not my favourite kind of movie but I think I'll be surprised seeing it: It's really fascinating.

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