Monday, 17 April 2017


What was your favorite animated cartoon? Have you ever had a favorite cartoon character?

All of us had a favorite animated cartoon when we were children. There always was that cartoon character which we loved, which made us die from laughing, which we always tried to imitate.

This is exactly what I’m going to tell you about today. Memories!
When we are children we have great imagination and animated cartoons feed it. We crow cartoon characters up together in our imagination.

When I was a child I didn’t like watching animated cartoons about beautiful princesses who fell in love with handsome princes, I didn’ t dream of becoming one of them. I liked watching adventurous cartoons with bizarre characters and crazy plots. One of them was 


I adored watching it. It told about the adventures of a boy called Finn the Human and his dog, Jake. 

They live in the Land of Ooo.

They are best friends and they love each other like siblings. 

Finn wears a blue t-shirt with white shorts and black shoes. He has a hat that covers his long blond hair. I always wondered if Finn might have other clothes because he used to wear always the same things.

Finn is a very lively character who loves nothing more than going on adventures and helping anyone in need. 

 He is secretly in love with princess Bubblegum. 

My first big love was Jake the dog. I still love it. He is the funniest dog in the world, he has the magic power to change shape and size.; its characteristics are:

  1. he loves eating more than anything else. 

  2. he loves sleeping and he hates who doesn’t let him do that. 

  3. he is in love with lady Rainicorn.

  4. he has a laid back attitude.

  5. he is very lazy.

When we are children we are anxious to be adults, because we see them like our heroes and models but when we become one of them we wish to be children again. How is that possible? In my opinion, we all tend to grow outside but inside we will always remain the young boy or girl we were.
I’d like to be a child again. It’s funny , because when I was a child I thought time would never pass or, my biggest problem was to choose what game to play, when I made peace with Pinky , or I put my hands inside my t-shirt and told people I didn’t have them anymore.
I remember when I slept with all my stuffed animals, when I hid back the wall to play tricks. I had a four-colour pen and I tried to push all the buttons at the same time. I thought the moon chased our car or, when there were two drops gliding over my car window, I imagined it was a challenge. All these memories come from my childhood years and I smile recalling them.
My final thought is: Don’t wish to grow up quickly, that happens anyway! And be sure that being a child is the most beautiful time in life!



  1. I know this cartoon but I don't like much... Anyway good job Angela

  2. I know it but I've never watched these kind of cartoons, I prefer Animes! Anyway interesting post Angela😊

  3. Well done,Angela!
    I saw this cartoon but it wasn't my favourite one
    I prefered cartoon like "Kiss me Licia","Rossana"and others..

  4. I don't remember so much this cartoon.. my favourite is Tom😼 and Jerry🐀!!

  5. I like this cartoon, but my favourite was Spongebob, it was fantastic😍

  6. I saw some episodes of this cartoon and I liked it. However My favourite cartoon was the Winx Club😍

  7. I never looked this cartoon because I never liked...

  8. I don't like this cartoon...
    My favourite was Dragonball😍

  9. I eard about this cartoon but i am not so interested to the cartoons today. Instead when I was a child I always saw Tom and Jerry