Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Happy Birthday,  Robert!

Today  Robert Downey Jr. turns 52! .For those who don't know him, he is the actor who played Tony Stark in Iron Man and in Avengers, he starred in Sherlock Holmes, in Due Date, in The Soloist, in Charlot where he plays Charlie Chaplin.

Did you know that...

His father offered him a joint when he was only eight! His father said : "It's pure hypocrisy not to involve children in our marijuana-based parties!"

When he was 10 years old he had a Billy Elliot period because he developed a passion for dance and he started attending the Perry House School.

Between 1996 and 2001 the actor was arrested several times for problems related to drugs. Once he was arrested in Los Angeles for possession of cocaine and an undeclared gun. Only a month later he stealthily entered a neighbour's house and fell asleep, totally drugged. In 2001 he was surprised in Los Angeles while he was meandering barefoot under the influence of drugs.
Since 2003, the actor has declared himself totally detoxified thanks to Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art that needs a lot of meditation.

Almost all of you know  films like  Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes and the Avengers so I'm going to tell  you abut  three other movies which, maybe,  you don't know much about!

Due Date

It is a very funny movie where the architect Peter Highman must go back to Los Angeles to attend the birth of his first child but he is placed in the no-fly list so he is forced to accept the ride offered him by Ethan Tremblay, an aspiring actor who is going to Hollywood to make his dream come true. Thus they start this journey across the United States hindered by some spectacular accidents and Ethan's weird habits.

The Soloist

The film is based on the  real  story of Lopez, a journalist in Los Angeles, and his meeting with Ayers a homeless man. The two make an unlikely friendship thanks to the power of music.  Initially, the journalist Lopez approaches the musician Ayers considering him only as a potential story for his column. But as he dig into Ayers' history, Lopez begins a journey that will change his life forever.


As a child, Charles grows with his mother's first madness crisis and later he is forced, with his brother, to take her to a mental hospital. Then he began his amazing career in the show business thanks to his innate talent. In this film you discover much about Charlie Chaplin's  private life filled with  misadventures, loves and disappointments.

Thanks for reading and for joining me to wish Robert Downey Jr the Happiest of  Birthdays !!!




  1. Happy B-day to the funniest Sherlock!

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    And Happy Birthday to Robert Downey Jr!

  4. Well done Karina!
    I like Robert Downey Jr!
    Happy birthday to him😘

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